Sunday, April 14, 2024

Game log 17 March 2024: Spikes and sacks

Personae dramatis

Tonfa Guy, doesn't speak or have a name but has a tonfa
Felcanis, elven cleric
Grignok, handsome orc druid
Augustus, human cleric
Dénnos, human sage (NPC)

Quid occurrit

Tonfa Guy steals a torch and they get out of Bóllā. Honsou sticks around to do something to the cows. Nobody asks what.

They set forth for the spider lair. The day is mostly uneventful, albeit oddly slow-going for such a pleasant day. Around midday, though, they find a big spike of animal horn embedded in a tree. Tonfa Guy gives the whole tree a wide birth. Grignok looks at the spike, seeing as a manticore spike. "They're big and have spiked tails and are depicted in artwork that accompanies the songs of the bards Emerson, Lake, and Palmer!"

Augustus looks for tracks, but finds none. Things are much too scuffled around there to tell for sure. Nobody messes with the manticore spike and they move on.

Felcanis sets up camp, and casts Create Food to help Grignok out. The night is uneventful.

The next day, storm clouds are above. Aside from the downpour at midmorning, the day is uneventful. They make it to the tree a bit after midday. They climb the tree, though Tonfa Guy fails to lift the gear on the first try.

Once up top, Grignok casts Shapeshifting (Panther) on himself. After Felcanis and Augustus cast Lend Energy and some wait, they go into the spider lair. The webs inside are rewoven, and the ettercap bodies are husks.

Dénnos and Augustus burn the webbing, and they go down the hallway, past one branching right. At another branch, they keep to the left, and go into a chamber. The chamber is packed with web-filled sacks of many sizes, between one to ten feet long. Each sack has hidden outlines of its trapped victims, shrouded in shadow.

Augustus looks for the fungus, and does not find it. The rotting of the already dead gives off a nasty reek, and there's another smell that he can't place, vaguely musky. Grignok's whiskers cannot detect any movement. Not even shallow breathing, as best he can tell. 

Res aliae

I haven't posted this because I'm lazy, even though I had the post pretty well written the day after the game. However, there's been another development: John Mathern, who played Felcanis, was found dead in his apartment on Good Friday, and we heard about it a week later. He was 56 or 57. John had a number of health issues, many of which were visibly apparent and many of which were underlying, but still, this came all of the sudden. We're gonna miss him and his upbeat attitude, and his humor. As Roman, who plays Tonfa Guy (and about fifteen other characters over the years—can you stick to one, man?), said, John is the only player he ever had who said, "I'm shooting the dragon in his butthole with my laser rifle." (This was one of Roman's many Rifts games, if I remember right.)

Rest in peace, John. I'm glad at least that you got to live to get to Con of the North in February one last time.

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