Monday, October 11, 2021

Castle Whiterock 13 September 2021: Cats and not-quite-dogs

The murderhoboes

Garreth, half-orc swordsman
    Bleu, droning elf wizard
Zaber, suave and debonaire man
    Logan, wolverine
Thrognar, half-orc holy warrior
Stonemaul, half-orc holy warrior
Mikal, human holy warrior
Polly, cute and deadly elf archer

What they did

Garreth drinks something from his flask, and I make a sound like a dying giraffe. Then we hear the three destrachans honk and come at us. Thrognar takes up a spot in the foremost lines, while Mikal goes off to the side, near the ivy. I wait for one to come for me, but Logan flies forward and tries to bite a destrachan. Polly shoots one a few times and it drops. Thrognar focuses, and gets strong and fast, and Bleu casts Great Haste on Garreth.

Destrachans swell up as they breathe in. The giant stomps over shield first trying to smash Thrognar, and tries to overrun Logan as he does so, but both get out of the way. He makes it to Garreth and tries to smash him, but he parries. Once the giant stops, he swings his hammer at Bleu, but Garreth parries that, too.

Logan dashes towards a destrachan and bites it. Polly shoots three arrows at it, dropping it. Thrognar and Garreth swing a few times at the giant, taking him down and smashing in his skull. Some of the blood gets on my face. "Ewww, Garreth. You had to know I was behind him, man."

The last destrachan honks. Logan harmonizes with it, but the sonic blast hurts Polly. Stonemaul, however, steps out of the shadows and reads a Rune of Protection heal her pain. Logan bites more destrachan, while Polly peppers it with arrows, killing it.

Polly looks a bit tired and rubs her arms. Logan keeps eating, then trots back to Garreth and me with some destrachan-flesh in his mouth. Logan drops the gnawed leg of the destrachan at Garreth's feet, and nudges it with his nose, as if offering to share it with Garreth, me, or anyone else. While Garreth is loath to try some at first, but when Bleu says that fried destrachan legs are a delicacy for swamp elves, he has to try.

After looting the bags of the giant, I start tracking the big cats. After a short walk, I find them. They look like a cross between bulldogs and tigers, then leap towards us. Garreth triggers Great Haste and Stonemaul drops the backpack and gets into a good spot. The inferno cats come to Logan and me. I put my knife in the eye of one, dropping it, while Logan claws the face of the other one. It breathes acid fire at us, burning us a little, but misses me with its claws. Polly shoots it thrice, and misses it thrice.

Stonemaul moves, and Garreth moves before he chops at the inferno cat. He wounds it, then Logan and I do the same. Polly shoots it in the eyes, dropping it. I fix my armor from the acid, and Logan rips the inferno cat to shreds.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Game log 29 August 2021: There's silver in … somewhere else


Dramatis personae

Angelista, slayer
Poklov, Town Watchdwarf
Felcanis, cleric
Honsou, bowman watched by the Town Watchdwarf

Quid occurrit

The horde pygmies run away. The heroes loot the bodies of the horde pygmies and the hellshots and find nothing, but do find 120 coins in the fake bottom of a trunk in the back of the room. Felcanis checks the walls, and finds them true walls, not fake.

They wait in the room for a bit, then see some light to the southwest. After seeing that the light comes from some horde pygmies poking the bodies of their dead, Poklov runs at them, screaming.

Angelista throws a javelin at a horde pygmy, but misses. Poklov shield-slams into the same horde pygmy, killing it. Honsou aims. Poklov puts his axe into another horde pygmy's neck, almost cutting off its head, but somehow it stays up. He turns towards another, and gives it an axe blow to its chest. He swings for a third one, but misses. Angelista steps and readies another javelin.

In light of how much they can do to the gang of murderhobes, the horde pygmies turn and run. Honsou shoots the horde pygmy with the big wound in its neck, and not only does the arrow kill it, but it goes through and hits the horde pygmy in front of it, killing that horde pygmy. Poklov runs forward and goes for the throat of the nearest standing horde pygmy, taking off its head, and takes out another with a swing to its chest. 

They let the other horde pygmies run away; they're too tired to chase. After about an hour of resting, Lend Energy spells, and a Major Healing spell on Poklov, they're ready to go again. They make it back to the great hall where they came onto this level, and this time take the stairs down. Honsou brings the chest.

They find themselves in a room that is only about twenty feet to the other wall, which has a door on the other side, but goes about thirty feet to the left and the right. To the left, they see a frayed rope tied to an iron ring in the floor going straight up, halfway to the ceiling. Poklov tugs at the iron ring, which does nothing.

They spend a few minutes checking out the rope. Honsou goes near it, and learns that there are straight cracks in the floor, coming from the left wall and stopping about ten feet from that door. He finds that the rope dangling upwards; gravity is going the wrong way for it. Honsou shrugs, and throws the chest at the door, which does nothing. He finds the unharmed door locked with a poison needle inset in the lock, and sees its hinges a little too flush with the wall for his liking. He unsets the poison needle, then cuts the floating rope about midway through. The rope he has does nothing, but the rest of the rope still dangles upwards. Honsou tries putting the chest on the ring, but it falls, then checks the cracks of the door and thinks that opening the door triggers whatever the floor does. There's the musty smell of water beyond the door, though the door is neither wet nor warped.

At the other end of the room, Felcanis can make out two man-sized beings. She tells the others, and with that, the beings walk towards. Poklov starts chopping open the door, and Angelista goes to meet the two beings, whom he sees are a man with a pointed beard and a woman with wet hair. Both have broadswords and shields, but neither wears armor. 

Angelista tells them to halt, and the man asks her who they are. When neither the man nor Angelista says who he or she is, the woman asks, in a nasal voice, "Blah, blah, blah, where is the man with the half-shaved head?" Angelista says that she doesn't know, and the woman says, "Oh? So he's not up there? He's kind of wild-looking and had a bad date with a razor on his scalp." Since Angelista doesn't know who this is and neither group wants to say who it is, the two walk back and turn a corner.

After a few seconds, they hear dog-like roars around that corner. Then, two furry beings rush at them. They are bipedal yet canine, with big claws and thick fur. One has wet hair, and the hair on the underside of the snout of the other somehow makes a forked beard.

Honsou takes a shot, but his arrow doesn't get past the beast's fur. Both step towards Angelista and swat at her with their claws, but her shield and sword push them back. Felcanis yells, "They're werewolves! We need silver weapons and wolfsbane!" Sure enough, Poklov tries to put his axe in one, and he doesn't take heed at all.

As it dawns upon them that they cannot harm the werewolves, they run through the broken door, with Poklov holding them off until Felcanis casts Sunlight. The werewolves stop and look to the sky, letting Poklov get out; they do not run after them.

Res aliae

Nobody has the Swimming skill, which should make the unseen water even more fun.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Castle Whiterock log 16 August 2021: Cutting short

The murderhoboes

Garreth, half-orc swordsman
    Bleu, droning elf wizard
Zaber, suave and debonaire man
    Logan, wolverine
Thrognar, half-orc holy warrior
Stonemaul, half-orc holy warrior
Mikal, human holy warrior
Polly, cute and deadly elf archer

What they did

I don't know how many times I wake up over the week to Logan licking my face and Garreth laughing about something I did. I mean, that's a common happening for me, but with F'thirya in town, this happens more than my wont. F'thirya sees to it that nobody else gets any work done, either. And unlike everyone else, I'm lucky to have a mustelid with me, and can handle it.

Seven days, fifteen slaps, twelve heaves, six dry heaves, eight kegs, six bottles of wine, five bottles of whiskey, and two projectile vomiting contests later, I find myself in the Slumbering Drake again, sitting with Garreth, Mikal, Thrognar, and Chauntessa. "And now we're on the next level, which is the 'Burning Maze,'" Garreth tells Chauntessa.

I chime in, "Yeah, we want salamander amulets for that."

Chauntessa nods and looks at us. "Please ask Miss Minyad to ship more beer, we seem to be quite low." Garreth and I look at each other and hold back our chuckles, and Chauntessa turns her head to the side. "Why does Ixnay have an egg that's glowing and levitating?"

We all turn and look and sure enough, Ixnay has an egg as big as a chicken's and a glossy golden color, that is also glowing and floating. Ixnay is wrapping his tail around it to keep it from floating off. We look at the egg in wonder. "Seems F'thirya liked Ixnay more than expected," I say. Garreth taps his sword and mumbles to it, then shrugs, saying nothing.

Garreth asks Chauntessa, "Where do we stand on the process to reverse the curse?"

Chauntessa says, "You still need to slay Benthorusra, and look out for info on the Sleep of Ages." She rubs her head. "I perhaps should not have drunk that dwarven vodka or at least stopped after the first keg. Can we discuss this later?"

Garreth nods. "Sure, just thinking ahead."

I buy a bunch of Salamander Amulets for the gang, and we try them out. Thrognar asks what they do, and I tell him to put it on. After he does, I pull down a torch and hold it under his arm. "Feel that?" Mikal makes a sermon about the goodness of Salamander Amulet, and gets one from his church, so we have an extra.

So we go through all the myriad duergar levels, then the Underdark after the duergar level, then past the slain ruins of the wall. The winding staircase draws us deeper into the earth. The heat is fantastic, and gets more intense the further down we go. After descending about one hundred and ten feet, the stairs terminate in a spacious, bow-legged tunnel. The cave structure down here is unlike anything we’ve seen previously. The walls are smooth, almost as if they were worked by spell or skill, but the floor is pockmarked and littered with fused rubble. The ground looks very rough to walk on, but no one is walking. Bleu casts some spells on us after some grumbling, while Polly casts some spells on us with zeal, and we go ahead.

I spot some tracks. Big cat prints lead one way, destrachan prints lead another, and giant boot prints lead a third. The giant boots prints have a short stride for boots so big. Garreth and I talk, and we choose to go after the giants. From ahead, I  make out the flickering light of a torch or small fire. I also hear a deep, basso profundo voice humming to itself. The humming is the popular drinking tune "Bloody Jack's Last Raid." Garreth starts meditating.

Many tunnels come together ahead, making a small opening. A small fire is wedged in a fold of the tunnel wall, and by its light I see a man, almost twelve feet tall, with black skin and a blazing red beard. He tends two strange creatures: hunched-over, hairless, eyeless lizard-monkeys with nasty, black claws and double-lobed ears. This makes me shiver.

One of the monsters looks at me somehow, even though it has no eyes. The giant asks it in Dwarven, "You hear somethin', Cutie?" I float back a bit, still keeping my sight on the giant. However, the beast honks, and the giant gets up, readying his hammer and shield. I fly back.

There, my friends are looking at what seems to be some ivy. Thrognar flies near the ivy and suddenly sinks, as if weight suddenly burdens him. Mikal goes near, and loses his active spells, and suddenly feels hotter. Polly shoots the plant with a cornucopia arrow, and it vanishes before it hits. They back away, and their magic items start working again. Mikal casts Continual Light again to bring back light. Thrognar says, "Seems we want to avoid this way." Garreth says it must be spell ruin ivy.

We await the giant, whom we can hear coming towards us.

Other stuff

We had to quit early as our GM was called away by his work.

Game log 25 July 2021: Small isn't beautiful

Dramatis personae

Angelista, slayer
Poklov, Town Watchdwarf
Felcanis, cleric
Honsou, bowman watched by the Town Watchdwarf

Quid occurrit

The horde pygmies run east. Poklov shield-slams a horde pygmy, knocking it out, while Angelista picks up her javelin.

To the east, the heroes hear a bunch of "pffft" sounds. Angelista and Poklov go east, and see the horde pygmies turned towards the north, with a bunch of hellshots are running at them. The hellshots see Angelista and Poklov and rush towards them. Honsou and Felcanis reach the others.

Two hellshots slam a horde pygmy, knocking it out. One tries to slam Poklov, but he steps out of the way. Another tries to run at him with its spear, but misses. Angelista runs at one with her sword, but misses. Poklov steps and misses with his axe. The horde pygmies stand there with their blowguns to their lips. Felcanis moves towards the others. Honsou moves towards the others, pulling out an arrow as he does.

One hellshot runs at Angelista and misses with its spear, as does another on Poklov. One stabs Poklov with its spear but it doesn't get through armor, while Poklov blocks another stab with his shield, and steps away from a third. Angelista slashes her sword hard into the weapon arm of the hellshot in front of her, but misses. Poklov swings for the leg of the hellshot by Angelista, but it parries with its spear. Felcanis rushes forward to get near the fray. Honsou shoots a hellshot, but the arrow just sticks onto its skin.

One hellshot runs around the back of the gang. A hellshot stabs at Angelista, and gets past her shield and armor. Another tries to stab Poklov in the face, but he parries. A second one does hit, but his armor stops it. A third one tries to hit his eyes, but misses. Angelista whacks a hellshot's midriff, but it stays standing. Poklov chops the legs off a hellshot. The horde pygmies, still holding their blowguns to their mouths, step forward. Felcanis runs to Angelista. Honsou gets out another arrow.

A hellshot runs into Angelista's back, but bounces off her and falls down. Another gets past her shield for a small wound, while three hellshots, including two on the ground, miss Poklov's eye slit. Angelista slashes hard on the one before her, dropping it, then says to the one behind her, "You are next. I would run." Poklov chops twice at the neck of a hellshot, but it stays standing. The horde pygmies shoot their blowgun darts at Poklov's eyes. Five darts hit, blinding him. Felcanis casts Stop Bleeding on Poklov. Housou shoots a hellshot on the ground, but it still writhes. It tries to shove its spear up Angelista's rear, but it can't get through her armor. The other hellshots try to poke Poklov in the eyes, but miss.

Angelista steps and misses the hellshot to her left. "I'm covering your left, dwarf!"

Poklov swings blindly at a hellshot, but misses. "Thanks, lass!"

The horde pygmies pull out more darts. Felcanis casts Major Healing on Poklov, and he can see out of one eye again. Honsou pulls a chest he found earlier in the dungeon, and stands over a hellshot's head, ready to drop it on it. The other hellshot on the ground passes out. The hellshot in the back tries to stab Felcanis, but breaks its spear instead. The other two try to stab Poklov in the eye. They not only miss, but one of them breaks its spear.

Angelista slashes hard at the one on Poklov's left, though it stays up. Poklov plants his axe into a hellshot and it falls dead as it tries to step away.

The horde pygmies step back and aim with their blowguns. Felcanis casts Major Healing on Angelista. Honsou smashes the trunk on the hellshot's head. It passes out.

Two hellshots try to hit Angelista. The one missing legs tries to feebly stab her with its spear, while the other bites her. It gets past her shield, but tastes armor and tough skin. Angelista steps back and cuts a hellshot, though it stays awake. Poklov smashes his axe into a horde pygmy, knocking it out. He swings his other axe at another horde pygmy, but it steps away. The horde pygmies again fire their darts at Poklov, one hitting him in his already hurt eye. He stays awake, but falls. Angelista yells, "By the gods, dwarf, are you trying to get killed?"

Felcanis smashes a hellshot with her mace, but can't get through its armor skin. Honsou whips out a knife and tries to throw it at a hellshot, but misses. One hellshot tries to bite Felcanis another tries to stab her, but both miss. Angelista shoves her spear into the innards of the hellshot before her. The horde pygmies get out more darts.

The body of the hellshot before Felcanis suddenly glows in bright light. Felcanis misses a hellshot with her mace, and Honsou pulls out another knife. The unlit hellshot passes out, while the lit-up one tries to stab Felcanis. However, its spear breaks. Angelista steps on a downed hellshot as she tries to stab the brightly-lit hellshot. She misses, her eyes hurting from the light. Poklov kneels. The horde pygmies start aiming again.

Felcanis misses the dazzling hellshot with her mace, while Honsou grabs his bow. The dazzling hellshot tries to bite Felcanis, but misses, its own eyes dazzled from its body's sudden light. Angelista misses with her broadsword, and Poklov stands. Honsou pulls out an arrow, and the glowing hellshot misses Angelista. She swings at it again, this time hurting it. Poklov quickly grabs his axes and puts one of them into a horde pygmy, knocking it out. The other horde pygmies start running past the heroes.

Felcanis starts casting Dispel Magic to try to get rid of the glow of the hellshot. While she's casting, the hellshot tries to bite Angelista, but she blocks it. Honsou shoots down a horde pygmy. The hellshot again tries to bite Felcanis, missing, and Angelista gets her sword into it, killing it, and ending its glow. Poklov kills a fleeing horde pygmy with his axe. Honsou pulls out his knife and tries to stab another, but misses. Angelista sheathes her sword, while Poklov kills two more. Felcanis, now no longer needing to cast her spell, swings and misses a horde pygmy. Honsou stabs at another one, knocking it out. Angelista pulls out her javelin.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Castle Whiterock 2 August 2021: Names are a problem

The murderhoboes

Garreth, half-orc swordsman
    Bleu, droning elf wizard
Zaber, suave and debonaire man
    Logan, wolverine
Polly, cute and deadly elf archer
Thrognar, half-orc holy warrior
Stonemaul, half-orc holy warrior


I poke Logan. "C'mon, wake Garreth! Lick 'im!" Logan licks, but he cannot wake Garreth, with Garreth's Epic Willpower and Mental Strength. Ohm. I turn to Polly, as we need to get going. "So, Polly, Bleu … wait, Thrognar?" Sure enough, there's Thrognar. "When did you get here?"

Thrognar says, "Just now. Priest Gilles is rather longwinded."

I chuckle, "Sorry for all the sins we did, but that's just how I roll at night."

Thrognar says, "Your soul is the only one damaged by your sins. No need to apologize. To me."

Polly asks, "Doesn't killing evil things expiate sins? Like if you eat an extra cookie you can kill an extra orc and it balances out."

I shrug. "I really don't care."

Thrognar says, "Only if done so truly for penance, not for profit."

Polly says, "Oh … so you gotta kill the orc, but donate the proceeds to feed the innocent puppies and kittens?"

Stonemaul chimes in, "Depends on which god you're talking about, really."

Wait, Stonemaul? "Wow … Polly, did I do some shrooms before this?"

Polly says, "When do you not do shrooms?"

Stonemaul says, "I was just up at the temple doing a bit of communing with my god, which mostly means coating the meditation chamber with itching powder and a few strategically placed crickets before the other worshipers get in. Early-bird and all that."

I ask the glowing ball, "F'ffith—however you say your name, can you restore Garreth's strength?"

F'thirya, "F-fear-eee-ah. Like Etheria"

I say, "Yeah, that. Anyways, his strength. Royal Ugly Dude sapped him good."

F'thirya says, "Oh very well, verily shall I turn my Celestial powers unto his restoration, that he might further the cause of Chaos and Good, but thou shalt really encourage him to get into more wild parties." And then she heals Garreth.

I say, "Well, yeah, I'm always there for wild parties. I live for those." 

Stonemaul says, "I think we call you Erica now, eh?

I lift my chain shirt and looks down my pants. "No, I'm still Ibizaber."

Stonemaul shakes his head. "Not you, but F'thirya."

F'thirya says, "What pray tell is wrong with F'thirya?"

Stonemaul says, "It's more than two syllables, and makes you trip over your lips when saying it."

F'thirya waits a moment before saying, "Erica is three syllables."

Thrognar says, "But it doesn't force together those syllables with Sovereign Glue."

Stonemaul nods sagely at F'thirya. "Erin it is, then."

I roll my eyes. "Really, who gives a damn about syllable count? Now, let's go check out Royal Ugly Dude's lair."

F'thirya says, "I suppose we can compromise on Erica, now then, since you have vanquished the Fell Balfosa. Should you win free of this dread place, then upon your summon I shall but once fly to thy aid, though should you topple the obelisks lain around Castle Whiterock to ruin the curse laid upon this trap."

We check out the demonic curtain. It is a horrid thing that seems stitched of the groaning, agonized faces of Demon and Celestial alike. There's a vrock, a hezrou, and a lantern archon, among others, molding in and out. It looks like demon and angel hides stitched together that are constantly groaning, pleading, and writhing in misery. Ungrateful curtain. "Oh, what's YOUR problem?" I beckon everyone with my hand.

I tell the others, "I don't like it. It's a curtain that makes the room look smaller. Bad feng shui." I yell at Bleu to bring up the rear, but she's taking a nap as Garreth meditates. I look at Polly. "Can you believe the nerve of that wizard?"

Thrognar says, "We should destroy this, release this souls."

I add, "And see what's behind it."

Polly asks, "Ooh, attack?"

Stonemaul says, "Might it be possible to do something more, I dunno, clerical to it? Throg, that's not exactly my expertise. Do you have any ideas?"

I yawn. "If Blah were awake, she'd bore it to death."

Thrognar says, "Burning it seem like a sure thing, if a bit cruel."

I point out, "Since when were we gentle?"

Stonemaul says "Seems it can be exorcised."

We can hear the curtain screaming: "Die die die!" "Save us! Save us!" "101010001010101!" "Lobster sticks to Magnet!" "Why why whhhhyyyy?"

I shrug. "Dunno, sounds like it might have something fun to say." After this falls on deaf ears, I ask, "Fine, de we have a torch?"

Stonemaul says, "The last time I did an exorcism, hmmm … oh, I remember. Yeah, you probably don't want me to do it."

Thrognar starts exorcising the curtain. He tells us that the whole deal will take three hours so please don't bother him or cast spells in his sight.

Garreth shakes off his trance and wanders up to the group, dragging Bleu with him. He also asks about plain old fire, while I tell Bleu, "Blah, bore it to death." He sits down, and he and Logan both drink from my whiskeyskin.

Polly says, "So boring … shouldn't church be over and we get doughnuts?"

I chuckle. "Dominus omnibus, succubum futuissem si remaneret."

After a few hours, an ox-sized, gray moth swoops out of the darkness on red-hued wings, leaving behind a trail of slow-falling, powdery residue. Its body is banded in red and black spirals. I point. "Hey, Polly, butterflies!"

Polly says, "Ooh, pretty butterflies!" and does not shoot. I roll my eyes. "Fuck nature." I pull out my knife, and Logan steps and growls at them. Stonemaul starts his short meditation. 

Garreth pulls out two sais and throws them at a moth. With a beautiful sparkly display the moths all dodge the sais. "They're hellmoths, clearly."

Polly asks, "Not friendly butterflies? You sure?"

I tell her, "They're not nature, so get out the bow. Nothing that big this far down is nature."

Garreth starts meditating. Stonemaul moves. Five hellmoths try to hug him with their wings, but Stonemaul steps away or parries all of them.

Polly unloads on the hellmoths, hoping to drop some before they can engage. She shoots one in the eyes, but misses the other shots. Logan steps and starts clawing at the nearest butterfly of doom, and rips it down. I step and wait for a butterfly to get to me. Garreth and Stonemaul both chop at hellmoths, killing many in a second of flurry, and the others start to fly away, now knowing that we're bad for them. Since they're demonic, we don't let them get away, and instead chop them up. I check them for poison, and find they have none, but they can blow up if we use them right. Bleu scoffs at them. "I don't recall reading about these things they must not be real."

The moth oozes on the ground after Logan ripped it to shreds. Logan keeps ripping it up, as he seems to like the taste, then brings it to Garreth between his jaws, awaiting a treat.

And time passes, then the groaning curtain seems to be resisting Thrognar's exorcism, but then, as he redoubles his efforts and call upon Justicia and Danathar, the curtain flails, writhes, howls, flops, then nothing. Thrognar now burns the curtain.

To the southeast, I remember seeing sparkly stuff there earlier. I look in the rubble, and find some coins, but they're silver-painted copper.  I look a little more, and also find some garnets and some obsidians, and some badly carved rubies that look kinda like Balfosa, but its all scattered about the rubble. I shake my fist at the heavens and after seeing the paltry treasure. "Who would do such a dastardly deed? And why?"

Thrognar nods. "The demon's depravity know no bounds."

As I shake my fist, I feel a breeze, and think that something is buried below all this rubble and junk. The thought overrides me, and I dig.

Stonemaul yells, "What are you doing?"

I call back. "What does it look like I'm doing?"

Garreth digs some free range jerky out of a belt pouch and chows down while I dig. At last, I break through. I find thin and twisty passages, and then, at the end, treasure that isn't silver-painted copper. "Garreth! We're rich! Er!" As well as coins, I find a magical dwarven shield, with sigils that say, "This shield is a gift of our forefathers and their forefathers before them, no dwarf shall fall that bears it." I also find a wooden staff that Bleu says is magic. I tell her she can use it so long as she doesn't talk about it. I also find another staff that is carved in the likeness of a great black snake.

We go beyond the horrid curtain is a short hallway that leads to a stone daïs, in the middle of which is what looks like a well. Inside, crimson runes cast a gruesome light, but we can see thirty feet down into another room beneath this one. The air above the well is amazingly hot. Stonemaul puts on his salamander amulet, and holds his arm over the well to see if it works.

F'thirya turns to Thrognar and gives him a scroll. "What's this?" he asks.

F'thirya says, "You may use this once, and once only, to call me to your side, though remember to knock out those obelisks first."

Thrognar raises his eyebrow. "Obelisks?"

I tell him, "She was blinking about those a few hours ago. Dunno what she means."

F'thirya says, "Now then, to long hath I tarried in this vile demense, e'er is time that I do press my valor against the foes of good and chaos. I have heard of one most foul, one who doth feel his station puts him above others, that he mightiest oppress the people and molest the camels. Have you  heard of Lord Flitwick?" She does not seem to find "Lord" a compliment.

Garreth and I look at each other. Garreth says, "Flitwick, yeah we ran into him once or twice," keeping a straight face.

I whistle idly, trying to look innocent. "Flitwick, eh …." I lean over to Garreth and whisper, "Man, Seep isn't gonna believe this."

F'thirya says, "His fell and odious deeds shall earn him rewards most just."

I say, "I mean, Wickprick's daughter is kinda hot …."

Stonemaul tells me, "All the more reason to dispose him. That's how fiefdoms work and all that. Of course no guarantees she does not pour poison in your ear some point after."

I chuckle. "Oh, we already took his house. Seépravir lives there now."

F'thirya asks, "His daughter also spreads the tyranny of blood? What about with camels?"

I tell her, "I dunno about her and a camel. She's kinda spoiled and all, but she's a half-elf."

F'thirya says, "Nothing wrong with half elves, lo, for the mixing of the races strives with Chaos against the tyranny of the preordained."

I grin. "Plus elf maids are hot."

Garreth nods. "He's pretty scummy." He looks straight at F'thirya. "So, do you have a way out?"

F'thirya says, "We just found one yes?"

Garreth asks, "The pit?"

Stonemaul says, "This goes out? Seems more like it heads further in, deeper."

F'thirya says, "Well, I can, I am not terribly prone to bursting into flames as a medium sized orb of Celestial Light. I do suppose it would be more problematic for those of you who need to breathe."

Stonemaul says, "Well, pit of flames aside, are you just trading one floor of the prison for another?"

Ibizaber chuckle, "She's freeing the camels."

F'thirya says, "Dost thou not think that through that gate we are free of the demonhold?" F'thirya looks very sad as a medium size orb of celestial light can look sad.

Stonemaul shrugs "I mean, I'm no wizard, not even a good cleric; practical joke from my god and all that."

Garreth asks, "You guys see any reason we shouldn't help the elf escape?"

Stonemaul says, "But end of day I'm here to break this summon trap before it causes heavy and hell to crash into this plane."

We go back to town. Garreth, Logan, and I are ready to drink and party with F'thirya, an avatar of good and chaos. After a week of this, Cillamar will be thankful that it normally only has to deal with a man, a half-orc, and a wolverine.

Monday, August 2, 2021

19 July 2021 Whiterock: How's it going, Royal Ugly Dude?

The murderhoboes

Garreth, half-orc swordsman
    Bleu, droning elf wizard
Zaber, suave and debonaire man
    Logan, wolverine
Polly, cute and deadly elf archer

Killing is our business … and business is good!

From the banter at the nightly parties, I hear that Evil Edwardil was recently slain by owlbears as he was trying to explore Castle Whiterock. It seems he kept trying to summon dretches but none appeared to save him. This gives Garreth and me a chuckle, not a tear. Edwardil was a dick who spoiled parties and couldn't hold his booze anyways.

Garreth and I gather Polly and Bleu to set off for Demonhold. I send Logan to sniff out Thrognar, Stonemaul, and Mikal, but he instead leads me to their church. I didn't think what we did the other night was so bad, but if they have to confess, oh well. Pity they can't come with us now.

Stonemaul and Mikal not being with means Bleu doesn't have to cast as many spells, so she casts Flight on everyone, and Dark Vision on everyone but Polly, who doesn't need it. She does get See Invisible to see me.

We float through the halls of Demonhold like ninjas, and Bleu casts See Invisible so she can see me while I wear my ring. I chuckle once Bleu agrees, and look down at Logan. "OK, Logan, don't do that thing we talked about to Blah's robes."

After a few twists and turns through the tunnels, something doesn't feel right. I hold up my hand and whisper, "Something isn't good, Polly."

Polly looks around. "I don't see anything."

I call to Logan. "Logan, come up and take a whiff." He comes up to me and takes a smell, but doesn't smell anything. I, however, see some sparkly stuff all the way across the room at end of vision. I tell him to guard the wizard again, then look harder: it's coins. I point this out to Polly, who offers to shoot it, though I tell her to hold her fire for the moment. Still, there's something wrong about this.

Garreth looks carefully up at the roof and around at the side hallways. He sees some rubble, but no critters. I take a step forward to check it out, and all of the sudden, nasty ghostly forms start reaching out towards everyone! They shake us to our cores and stun us, but we know they are but illusions of ethereal cows.

Bleu falls anyways. We all take a drink from the wineskin, healing us. I no longer have my bad feeling.

Polly says, "Owww, the Ethereal Cow tried to avenge all the milk I had with cookies!" She glares at where the Ethereal Cow once was. Garreth asks Bleu what that was, and she, after some babbling, calls it a Weird, and has no idea who cast it. She also talks about "Von Floepelheim's Guide to Seemingly Useful But Not Really Cantrips," "Dell'Orto's Unattended Trap Premise," and "Vance's Classification System of the Old Wifflein Catalog once used by the Great Bookwyrm," none of which mean a damn thing to us.

Luckily, as she babbles, I hear loud slobbery voices in an unknown tongue on the other side of the room. I fly ahead and check it out, spotting a quasit and, behind it, a patchwork curtain made from the stitched flesh of angels, devils, and demons. As the quasit is looking at something over a cliff to the east, I see a demon that looks like a fat ape mixed with a boar and wearing a cape, with a beautiful woman with big wings. 

It sees me. I say, "See you later, Royal Ugly Dude!" then fly back. "We have company!" Polly flies up and shoots at the quasit, and it bursts into icky green goo.

The Royal Ugly Dude flaps its way up the cliff and screams, "You peasants! You Prime Material Knaves! I was TELLING A STORY!" It shoots lightning at Polly and me, though we get out of the way.

I step behind Polly and take off my ring. Polly says, "You're right, Zaber, it is ugly!" Garreth yells at Bleu to hasten him. Logan rushes forward, and Polly shoots at the Royal Ugly Dude, but it dodges all of them. The Royal Ugly Dude follows us into the tunnel, and in a burst of rainbow hues it widens the hallway to let it through. This also sends lightning bolts flying at us, which we dodge. It also swings its axe at me, but misses.

Polly yells, "Hey, there are more little green guys behind the Big Pig! They're invisible!" I tell Logan to run under the Royal Ugly Dude, which he does, and sniffs out the quasits on the other side. I briefly think of getting out of here with the succubus, but I change my mind.

F'thirya flits in. "I see that thou hast finally decided that thou shalt test thy mettle and strive forthwith against the Great Balfosa!" Garreth blinks, and bids Bleu to cast Great Haste on F'thirya.

Polly tries to put bodkin arrows in Balfosa's eyes, but he dodges the arrows. It hurls its tusks at Polly and me, but we get out of the way of them. Then, a nasty, sickening cloud of vile darkness billows out from Balfosa but does not touch anyone, but instead curses where it is for the gods. Then, a big rainbow cloud it was gathering bursts outwards. Polly stands like an idiot, looking at the rainbow, while Bleu starts babbling about how great it is to stand next to F'thirya.

Logan starts clawing at a quasit and it bursts apart when he claws it. He looks upset at the other quasit's cowardice, and runs after it. Bleu casts Great Haste on F'thirya, who says, "Thank thee, one that is called Blah."

Bleu gives me a look.

Garreth hears the little soft flappy sounds of quasit wings, but instead runs up to Balfosa and can't hit him with many blows until his last one, when Scalemar bites deep and Balfosa feels it squealing with pain and rage like a stuck pig. "How dare you prick my Royal Flesh you dastardly serf!" it screams, and Garreth feels himself weaken. Garreth then shouts at Balfosa, stunning him.

Garreth asks F'thirya for help, as he can't do it again, and F'thirya says she can take care of Balfosa if Garreth weakens him enough. Garreth asks Bleu if Nalfeshnee have brains, which she says they do, albeit deep in the skull. Garreth hacks through his skull and his sword hits brain.

The succubus has had enough. "What STUBBORN MEN! Why Balfosa, baby, I think you are dying. Toodles!" With that, she leaves. "Buh-bye, big and green baby!" Balfosa is stunned and does not say anything. F'thirya zaps Balfosa with eight bolts of heat, and he only dodges one of them.

Polly snaps to her wits, Logan kills off the quasits, and Garreth takes care of the Royal Ugly Dude.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Game log 27 June 2021: Don't split the party!

Dramatis personae

Angelista, slayer
Poklov, Town Watchdwarf
Felcanis, cleric
Honsou, bowman watched by the Town Watchdwarf

Quid occurrit

Honsou searches the wardrobe and finds nothing. Felcanis sees the bedposts are intact and the frame is mostly intact, but otherwise it doesn't look too comfy.

They leave and back down the hallway. After walking past the room with the secret door, they find a door on the left side of the hall. Honsou unlocks it, and they find themselves a room with three green copper slabs about knee-high on the other side. They check them out, and see holes cut in the middle, about 18 inches across. Honsou looks down the hole of one of them, and there's a faint smell of … ewwww.

"Latrines," says Angelista.

Since there is nothing in the room but ancient shit, they go back down the hallway. After some twists and turns, the hallway stops, and they see trapdoor above.

Angelista asks Poklov, "Are you sure you want to get up there?"

Poklov shrugs. "It looks like a nice hidey-hole. There's gotta be something fun there."

Angelista shrugs. "I do not recommend messing with that but if you say so"

After some chatter, Honsou stands on Poklov's shoulders, and tries pushing the trapdoor above. He cannot shove it as there seems to be something atop it. Angelista tries, and finds she can push it open; a few barrels fall off it as she pushes. She lifts herself up after Felcanis casts Continual Light on her helmet.

The storeroom is about 60 feet square, with a way out on to their left. Loads of barrels are near where Angelista is. She lowers it for Felcanis, but she falls and cripples her left leg. Poklov starts bandaging her, but Honsou climbs up.

Angelista and Honsou wait as Poklov bandages Felcanis, trying to find out how they will get Bill up through the hole. After a few minutes, Honsou hears some skittering to the northeast. They get up, and see what looks like two big centipedes at the edge of the light. Honsou readies his bow and arrow, and Angelista misses when she throws her javelin at a centipede. The centipedes move towards them, and Honsou shoots one. His arrow hits, but the centipede's chitin looks like it stops a lot of the blow.

Angelista pulls out her sword, and swings when the centipede Honsou didn't shoot gets next to her. However, she doesn't get a hard blow, so the centipede's chitin stops it. The centipedes make hasty bites at them, but miss. Angelista yells for Honsou to get back down, but he has trouble grabbing the rope. Angelista's swing misses a centipede, and she steps back from their blows. Honsou still has trouble trying to get his footing to go down. Angelista again swings at a centipede, and this time hurts it. However, she doesn't block its bite, and some of its poison gets into her blood. She does parry the other's bite, however.

Honsou slips and falls into the hole, and cripples his right leg as he lands. Angelista backs towards the hole, but can't get her grip right. One centipede's bite can't get through Angelista's armor, but the other does, and puts more poison into her. Although numb from the poison, she gets her grip on the rope, and gets down it.

The centipedes start scurrying down the sides of the hole. Angelista grabs her sword again and hits a centipede on the wall. Poklov can't get his axe out fast enough to smack the other one. That centipede likewise misses Poklov as it gets to the ground. Honsou crawls out of the way as Angelista takes out a centipede. Poklov lands a blow on the other centipede, which then tries to get away. It can't do so in time to get away from Angelista's sword, killing it.

Felcanis casts Stop Bleeding on Honsou and Angelista. Then she casts Neutralize Poison on Angelista and Minor Healing and Major Healing on Honsou, letting him walk again. After Poklov gets done tending to her leg, Felcanis swigs a Minor Healing potion, fails to get her Major Healing spell to heal her, gets her Minor Healing spell to heal herself, falis on Stop Bleeding, then succeeds on her second Minor Healing spell.

Angelista pulls herself up after some trying, then pulls up Felcanis. Honsou follows, and Poklov puts the rope around Bill to let Angelista lift him. She tries, but pulls a muscle in her shoulder. Felcanis casts Stop Bleeding on Angelista, and she tries again, this time getting Bill up. Felcanis casts Major Healing on Angelista, and Poklov follows up, bringing up the gear they took off Bill.

This storeroom is filled with bugs, but one small chest is still there. A hidden drawer has 60 copper farthings and 10 silver pennies. One of the barrels has 20 animal horns. They take the money, leave the horns.

They take the only way out, a hallway on the end of the left wall, and find themselves back in the big chamber with the stairs up to the first level. They turn right, and find a big throne at the wall. Honsou thinks that if he pulls the throne forward, it will do something to the wall. He does so, and it opens to a hallway going left and right. They follow it right and after some twists and turns, the hallway stops, and they see an open hole above and two dead big centipedes at their feet.

This springs the line of the Erstokkian sage Yogībêra: "Déjà vu all over again."

They turn back to the big room, and leave through a hallway on the other side of the stairs up. After a couple of turns, they reach a big room about 20 ft. by 30 ft., with a latrine on the right side and a hallway out on the other side. More importantly, they see a gaggle of 3 ft.-tall humanoids with tiny heads, misshapen features, bugged-out eyes, and swollen bellies. They sharpen their teeth to points, and look hungry.

Angelista thinks that if the heroes don't attack these humanoids they won't hurt them, so goes towards to the latrine to check it out. As she does so, most of the horde pygmies run down the other hall, though seven move between her and the other murderhoboes.

Once Angelista is near the latrine, the horde pygmies blow darts at her. Four of the horde pygmies miss Angelista with their blowdarts, two hit but do not get through her armor, and one gets stuck into her shield. Honsou tries to shoot one with its back turned towards him, but misses. Poklov kills one with its back turned, but the other caught sight of him through the corner of its eye and got away from his axe. Angelista launches her javelin at the closest target, killing it.

The other horde pygmies run towards their fellows.

Res aliae

I was a little too permissive with Climbing in combat. Angelista got active defenses when she would have logically made her sword and shield unready, though she failed both anyways. Time might have been an issue I shouldn't have overlooked: the Basic Set gives the climbing rate of rope down at two feet a second (p. B349), and this was a ten-foot drop. However, this was only a ten-foot drop, so a Climbing roll is a little more like a controlled Jumping roll.

The fight with the centipedes was a challenge only because they split the party. To be fair, Felcanis being a lousy climber didn't help matters, but Poklov chose to bandage her below with the other two up top. I asked if they were sure they wanted to do this a couple of times and yes, they were sure.

State of the healing spells. Below is how many of each healing spell Felcanis has cast on each PC during this day. I keep having to scroll back and find this, so I'm putting this out on the blog:

Major Healing: Angelista, Felcanis, Honsou 2, Poklov
Minor Healing: Angelista, Felcanis 2, Poklov

We didn't game yesterday since Brandon (Poklov) was going to be gone and John (Felcanis) was going to be mostly gone. It might happen this coming Sunday (the 18th).

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Whiterock game log 21 June 2021: Ibizaber flashes back

The murderhoboes

Garreth, half-orc swordsman
    Bleu, droning elf wizard
Zaber, suave and debonaire man
    Logan, wolverine
Thrognar, half-orc holy warrior
Mikal, human holy warrior
Polly, cute and deadly elf archer

What they did

Bleu casts Dark Vision on me, and then fires up Continual Light for the rest of the group. After a short rest that's too long for Polly, we head northeast. There, the cavern bends around a corner and comes to an end. Twenty feet above us is an opening to a higher tunnel. Three odd shapes are up there, like figures tied to large stakes or iron rods driven into the ground. We can make out tattered, feathered wings spread wide like butterflies in a collector’s case. Beneath and to the side of the promontory is a downward-sloping tunnel.

Thrognar flies up and gets a nearer look at the shapes. At the top of the incline, the tunnel levels off into a headland that overlooks the large cavern we just left. There are five tattered bodies bound or stabbed on iron stakes at the fore of the headland. Suddenly, one of them jolts awkwardly forward!

Thrognar says that they're angel effigies, made out of twisted celestial bodies. "They're mindless constructs! Don't hold back thinking you can save these poor creatures."

Polly goes to shoot over Logan at one angel effigy from behind, but her three arrows do little to it. Thrognar meditates, while the effigies take flight.

I get a good look at them, and I get a mushroom flashback. "Holy cow, those are three Ted Cruzes!"

One flying Ted Cruz turns into Ice Cube and sends a flaming pentagram under Mikal, Garreth, and Bleu. Mikal gets out of the way of most of the flame, but it still burns him greatly. Garreth pushes Bleu out of the way, and takes a nasty burn and rot, leading to a bunch of swearing and a bad smell as smoke comes from his eyes. One of the Ted Cruzes turns into Emmanuel Steward and tries to hit Thrognar twice, but he parries both blows. Another Ted Cruz turns into Mark McGwire and shoots a bolt of lightning at Thrognar and Polly. Polly gets out of the way, but Thrognar takes a jolt, turning him into a flaming Ronda Rousey. Mark McGwire flies past Ronda Rousey and tries to slam into Polly, but she gets out of the way. Polly's skin starts turning puce.

And they start changing again. I yell out to see if the others can help. "Garreth stop that smoke from coming out of your eyes and look because Ice Cube is turning into Emily Dickinson and Emanuel Steward is turning into Mike Tyson from the cartoon and Mark McGwire is turning into Gillian Anderson! And Thrognar looks like Ronda Rousey but only on fire!"

Garreth looks at me with smoke coming out of his eyes. Not figuratively, but smoke really coming out of his eyes. "Common, little drunkard. Do you speak it?"

Logan runs into the back of Gillian Anderson as the last of the Cardinals uniform of Mark McGwire falls off, but steps away with a hurt nose. "No, Logan, get away, Gillian Anderson is turning into the Hedgehog!" I swear I see Logan shake his head at me. Mikal casts a Holy Sunbolt, drawing on the might of his goddess to smite these abominations with a coruscating blast as he steps toward the opening. Garreth swears, likely feeling the pain of the smoke, steps from the pentagram, and quickly pulls out and drinks a potion. Some of the smoke and rot go away. Bleu steps away from the circle and casts Great Haste on herself.

Polly flies up to shoot Emily Dickinson in the side with cutting arrows. Throgna Rousey also starts hitting cartoon Mike Tyson. Tyson wards off the first blow with a shroud of unholy darkness, but it is now bare to Thrognar's blow and he starts to struggle. Logan grows a blonde bob on his head. I cry out, "No, Logan, don't turn into Kate Gosselin! You can't speak to the manager of the dungeon!" Dickinson swings and misses at Polly, but follows up with a lightning zap of Polly, stunning her. Mike Tyson tries to slug Thrognar but Thrognar parries, then zaps Polly and him with lightning. Gillian Anderson lands, and Logan gets out of her way. She gazes at Bleu and Garreth, then sends a firey pentagram under them. Bleu steps out of the fire but drops from the fire and rot; Garreth takes the pain. Mikal throws his maximized holy Sunbolt at Emily Dickinson, zapping her.

Logan steps and swipes twice with his claws at the side flank of Gillian Anderson, who is skeptical that any hurt got through. Garreth decides to focus on speed, and Polly snaps back from stunning. Thrognar swings twice at cartoon Mike Tyson, and splits him in half with the second blow. Emily Dickinson slugs Polly, then blasts a stroke of lightning towards Mikal, who blocks the blow with his shield. Gillian Anderson sprouts wings and tries to grab Garreth, who parries, then she misses him and Mikal with a stroke of lightning.

Gillian Anderson keeps ignoring Logan Gosselin clawing at her, and Mikal moves around the pentagram.  Garreth starts chopping at Gillian Anderson, who takes a few blows but somehow stays up. Polly peppers  Emily Dickinson with arrows, the last giving her a spiderweb of cracks, making her fall.  Thrognar steps and swings at Gillian Anderson, hurting her more but not dropping her. She steps and kicks at Logan Gosselin as she flies away, then shoots lightning at Thrognar and Polly. Thrognar takes the hurting, but Polly falls over.

As I see Polly fall, things start to look sharp again. Gillian Anderson (and the bodies of Emily Dickinson and cartoon Mike Tyson) turns back into an angel effigy, Ronda Rousey turns back into Thrognar, Polly goes back to her normal hue, and the blonde bob on Logan falls to the ground. Mikal and Logan rush towards the angel effigy that was Gillian Anderson only a tick before, and Logan's claw misses it. Garreth puts two blows into the angel effigy's back, taking it down.

Garreth swoops over to check on Bleu, while I rush over to Polly. "If you die, Polly, I swear I'll stop the shrooms!" Garreth pours some of the grog in the wineskin of healing into Bleu's mouth, and she stands after a few glugs. Logan keeps licking Polly's face until Garreth pours some of the healing grog down her throat.

Thrognar shuts his eyes, and makes himself heroic until Garreth gets the bag to him for healing. He wipes the potion off his chin after guzzling most of the bag, then stands up a little woozy from so much potion. "Thank you.

I look through the bodies of the angels, and find they have celestial cloth. Bleu babbles that we can make the cloth into armor, and Thrognar lays the bodies of the angels to rest in the holy area. From there, we go back to town.

The rest

The unreliable narrator failed a Fright Check and was useless for the battle, so I chose to call it a mushroom flashback. I was rolling random celebrities for this, though I chose both Ted Cruz and Mark McGwire for reasons I cannot understand.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Game log 20 June 2021: Charlie Brown is a Blockhead

Dramatis personae

Angelista, slayer
Poklov, Town Watchdwarf
Felcanis, cleric
Honsou, bowman watched by the Town Watchdwarf

Quid occurrit

After twenty minutes of rest and some Lend Energy on Poklov, the heroes start off. Moving back into the workshop, they see some scurrying in the darkness: four centipedes as big as men. Honsou aims at a centipede in the back, Felcanis holds her ground, and Poklov moves towards the centipedes. Angelista chucks a javelin at a centipede, but misses.

One centipede steps forward and tries to bite Poklov, but he swats it away with his axe. Another makes a mad run towards Honsou, who steps out of the way. A third rushes forward and bites Felcanis, who takes a bite. She feels a bit numb as its poison runs through her body. The last one tries to rush forward and bite Angelista, but misses. Honsou gets off a shot at the centipede at which had been aiming, but his arrow glances off its chitinous plate. Poklov chops twice at the one that rushed towards Angelista, hitting once. Angelista pulls out her sword and hits the same one as Poklov.

A centipede lurches at Honsou to bite him, but he steps back. Likewise, another tries to bite Poklov, but his bite catches the edge of his shield. Felcanis dodges a bite from a third centipede, while Angelista blocks a fourth's. Honsou puts his bow into his offhand, pulls out his knife, and steps behind Felcanis. Poklov twice smacks a centipede with his axe, and it slips and falls. Angelista hits the same centipede from behind, taking it out. Felcanis steps and casts Armor 2 on Angelista.

Honsou steps away from a centipede bite, while another one tries to bite Angelista but she likewise dodges. She sees that the dust around the centipede shirks away from it, which she thinks means it is demonic. Felcanis steps away from a biting centipede, while another centipede ducks away from Honsou's swing of his long knife. Poklov steps behind the demonic centipede and tries to hit it in the head, but instead nicks its shoulder. Angelista doesn't even get a nick to its shoulder when she thrusts with her sword.

The centipede near Honsou misses him with its bite, while Angelista steps away from the bite of the demonic centipede. Felcanis also ducks the bite of the last centipede. Honsou taps the centipede that tried to bite Felcanis. It doesn't get through its plate, but it slips and falls. Poklov hits the demonic centipede twice, while Angelista nicks it, but it slips and falls trying to get out of her way.

Honsou cannot get out of the way of the centipede trying to bite him, but its bite doesn't get through his armor. The demonic centipede tries to bite Angelista while on its belly, but cannot reach her. The last centipede tries to bite Felcanis, but misses. Honsou gives the centipede by him a small gash, while Poklov smacks the demonic centipede in the head then steps away. The centipede slumps, dead, and not only does Angelista think the demonic spirit is gone, but its clear to everyone that its brain fluid is seeping out. Angelista rushes to help Honsou, but misses when she reaches the centipede.

Felcanis and Honsou both get away from centipede bites. Honsou tries smacking one on the head, but can't get through the plate. Poklov hustles to get to the two living centipedes, while Angelista nicks a centipede in the back of the head. Felcanis smacks the body of the centipede nearest her. It tries to bite her back, but misses. However, the centipede fighting Honsou gets through his armor, and its poison numbs him. Honsou's knife can't get through its chitin as he tries to fight back.

Poklov at last gets to a centipede, and he swings his axe twice at its body, not hurting it much. Angelista brings her sword down on the standing centipede's skull, and it falls from her blow, though somehow still looks up at her. Felcanis again bangs on the centipede's chitin, while the two centipedes bite at Honsou and her for nothing. Honsou nicks the centipede with his knife, which is more than Poklov gets with his axe.

Angelista once again puts all her might on a blow to the centipede's skull, splitting it fully open, and getting loads of dire monstrous centipede brain on her sword. Felcanis gives the last centipede a smack, then gets out of the way when it tries to bite her back. Honsou can't get his knife through the centipede, but Poklov knocks it out with an axe blow to the skull.

Though Felcanis doesn't know much about the poison and nobody can help her, she does clean herself and Honsou of it after casting Neutralize Poison thrice. They rest for most of an hour, and once again start to get out. Honsou gets the door on the other side of the room open after seeing it is safe to do so, and they see that they are down the hallway from where they had been before going into the room with the cages.

Since to the right is down the hall whence they came, they go left, and almost right away there is a heavy ironbound door. Honsou checks out the door for traps and noise, but cannot unlock it; it's too tricky. Thus, Poklov chops open the lock, drawing no heed from anyone else in the dungeon. He sharpens his axe, then go into the room.

In the middle of the room is a big, rotten table, and beyond it is a brass spittoon. They see no doors anywhere in the room. They start looking around. Honsou spots a split in the far wall beyond the table and spittoon, and sees that the corners of the left half of this wall are less dusty than the right. Angelista, looking for a way to open the wall, spits in the spittoon, and the spittoon now has spit in it. The spittoon is fulfilled in an inanimate way that someone has used it for its intended function and not spat nasty, unhealthy tobacco into it, but nothing happens with the walls. At long last, Honsou thinks to press the corners of the left half of the wall, so he and Poklov do so at the same time. The wall opens.

Beyond the wall is a hallway, going left and straight ahead. They can see that straight ahead the hallway forks, and to the left it turns. It goes down, but it's not a stairs, just a downgrade. They backtrack and go right, past a stairway going down, into a room. In the middle of the room is a potter's wheel, crusted over with clay. After being unable to see what the old potter's wheel does, they go back to the secret door and go right.

The hallway takes a left turn, which they take. They walk down the hallway, and find some kind of oily flow is dripping from the middle of the ceiling in this area of the hallway. There is a shallow trough worn down the middle of the hallway, and the flow trickles along it for about fifteen feet before ending in a crack in the floor. Angelista checks it out, and the fluid is not something she's seen before. It has a grainy quality, not a smooth fluid. It doesn't seem natural.

At the end of this long hallway is a door. Honsou checks out the door and easily opens its cheap lock. He opens the door into what looks like an old sitting room, from the rotten carpet. The next room beyond still has a four-poster bed. At the edge of the room beyond the bed is a wardrobe.

Felcanis fiddles with the wardrobe. She finds nothing special about it other than that it's closed, so she opens it. She hears a din above, and steps out of the way of the big wooden block that falls. Angelista pulls Felcanis aside, and Honsou checks out the wardrobe, finding it otherwise untrapped and empty.

Angelista scratches her head. "Why would anyone trap an empty wardrobe?"

Monday, June 21, 2021

Game log for 6 June 2021: Like a shot out of hell

Dramatis personae

Angelista, slayer
Poklov, Town Watchdwarf
Felcanis, cleric
Honsou, bowman watched by the Town Watchdwarf

Quid occurrit

They rest up, Felcanis casting Lend Energy on Angelista to help her rest better. After a few minutes, Poklov hears some footsteps to the south. Honsou and Angelista get down behind a pews, while Poklov gets near the way in. A few seconds later four hellshots rush into the room.

Honsou aims at a hellshot, and the hellshots rush into the room. The hellshot at whom Honsou is aiming slams into Poklov and jars his shield out of his hand, though it is still strapped to his arm, but doesn't knock him over. Angelista lobs her spear at the hellshots but misses, and whips out her sword. Poklov gets his hand back on his grip, and Felcanis casts Armor 2 on Angelista. Honsou switches to aiming at a nearer hellshot.

Two hellshots attack Poklov, but he blocks and parries their blows. Two more go after Felcanis and Angelista, but they parry and block their blows, respectively. Poklov cuts off the leg of a hellshot, and Felcanis steps back and stands ready to fend off blows. Honsou runs around the hellshots and shoots one, but it doesn't get through its skin.

The little guy on the ground tries to stab Poklov on the leg, but he blocks it, and the one still standing tries to stab him, but Poklov parries it. Angelista cannot block a spear stab from the hellshot on her, so a poke gets through, and the one who tries to hit Felcanis breaks its spear. Angelista rushes to get behind the hellshot on Felcanis, but she misses its neck. Poklov whacks the standing hellshot.

Honsou again shoots a hellshot, but cannot get through its skin. One hellshot cannot get its spear through Poklov's armor, while the one on the ground cannot even hit his leg. The hellshot whose spear broke tries to grab Angelista but misses, and the other one tries to slam her but she steps back. Poklov gets out of the way. Angelista misses her own sword swing, but Felcanis bashes it on the head. Angelista raises an eyebrow and smiles when she sees the cleric whack something from behind for the first time since she's met her.

However, the hellshot just gets madder. Honsou shoots one with a bodkin arrow in its innards. One on the ground tries to hit Poklov in the leg but misses, and one by Felcanis misses her. One hits Angelista. It doesn't get through her armor, but she loses her grip on her shield and drops her sword. Felcanis misses as she tries to hit back. Poklov keeps hustling to the others.

Honsou reloads his bow, and steps away from a hellshot trying to stick its spear into him. Another hits Felcanis; she wobbles, but doesn't fall down. Angelista grabs her sword, and Poklov cuts down a hellshot. Honsou gets off a shot, and takes down a hellshot, and Angelista cuts down a hellshot as well. Angelista does a blow to the back of head of the last hellshot, taking it down.

Poklov binds Felcanis's wounds, and she drinks a potion of Major Healing. After a few more minutes and a Lend Energy on Poklov, six more hellshots show up from the south.

Honsou aims, and Poklov swings and misses at a hellshot as they go into the room. Angelista tells Felcanis to step back and lobs her spear at a hellshot, but she misses. She pulls out her sword right afterwards, and Felcanis casts Armor 2 on her. Honsou hits the lead hellshot with an arrow, but it splinters on its skin. The hellshot turns around and tries to hit with its spear Poklov but he blocks; the next one tries to do the same but Poklov parries. A third tries slam into Poklov but he steps back, and another tries to slam into Angelista but she blocks.

Poklov takes down a hellshot by hitting it in the leg, and Angelista smacks another with her sword. It stays up, but gets mad. Honsou shoots one, and it likewise gets mad from the hurt. One of the hellshots on Poklov stabs with its spear, but Poklov blocks it; another hits him on his armor, making him drop his axe and lose the grip on his shield from the shock. One on Angelista tries to hit her but misses, while his friend stands behind her between two pews, waiting for his buddy to drop. Some friend. One grabs his spear, and another tries to hit Poklov, who parries.

Poklov puts his axe on the skull of a hellshot, but it glances off, and Angelista misses as she tries to stab a hellshot with her sword. Felcanis tries to cast Light at the end of a pew, but the spell doesn't go off. Honsou reloads. A hellshot stabs Poklov, but cannot get through his armor; the guy on the ground's stab meets Poklov's axe. The one by Angelista falls from its wounds, while the hellshot behind it steps and stabs at Angelista, who blocks.

The hellshot on the ground gets to its knees, while one by Poklov stabs at him, but he steps away. Poklov smacks a hellshot with his axe on his axe, knocking it down. Angelista stabs a hellshot in the innards, making it mad. Honsou shoots one, hurting it a little. The hellshot to Poklov's left stabs him, but Poklov blocks the blow. Likewise, the one by Angelista tries the same to her, but meets the same end. The kneeling hellshot makes it to its feet, while another passes out.

Poklov smacks a hellshot with his axe and Angelista whacks one on the neck, but they stay standing. Honsou fumbles as he tries to get out his knife. One hellshot misses Angelista, another's spear can't get through Poklov's armor, and a third misses Felcanis with a slam as she steps back.

An angry Angelista screams, "That's my cleric!" as she rushes behind the hellshot to try to hit it. Poklov sticks with the one by him, and scratches it through its skull. Honsou reloads, and the hellshot down between pews kneels. The one between Felcanis and Angelista turns to stab Angelista, but its spear can't get through her armor. Likewise, the hellshot nearest Poklov can't get its spear through his armor.

Poklov gives that hellshot a good whack, while Angelista takes off the arm of the hellshot near her. Felcanis gives it a bop on the head, and Honsou shoots one, but cannot get through its tough skin. The one between the pews gets on its feet, while the one by Poklov can't get its spear through his armor. The one on Angelista tries to slam into her, but it can't do much to her. Angelista takes care of the hellshot's other arm with a comeback swing, but Felcanis can't get her mace through its skull. Honsou gets out an arrow.

One hellshot goes for a seam in Poklov's leg armor, but cannot hit. Another tries to stab Angelista, but she steps back. The armless one tries to slam into Felcanis, but she swats it back with her mace. Poklov hits the nearby hellshot, and Angelista tries to cut off the arm of the other hellshot near her, but misses. Felcanis bops the armless hellshot with her mace, and Honsou gets off a shot at a hellshot, doing a little hurt.

A hellshot by Poklov again tries to stick its spear into the chink in his leg armor, and again misses. The hellshot on Angelista misses, and breaks its spear. The armless hellshot again tries to head-butt Felcanis, but it doesn't begin to hurt her. Poklov takes down the hellshot by him with a last swat of his axe, and Angelista gets another cut on the hellshot by her. Felcanis smashes her mace on the armless hellshot's kneecap, and Honsou gets out an arrow.

The hellshot on Angelista tries to slam her, and again she gets out of the way. The armless hellshot again tries to put its head into Felcanis's belly, which again does nothing. Angelista dances out from the slam as she leaps back in slashing at his neck, giving it a bigger gash. Felcanis again bops the armless hellshot on the head, Honsou gets off a shot that doesn't go through, while Poklov moves towards the fray.

Once again Angelista steps away from the hellshot's slam, while Poklov jumps onto the pew and tries to slash at the hellshot, but misses. Angelista likewise misses with her slash to the neck, but Honsou runs around and shoots it in the back.

From then on, the two hellshots kept fighting, but Angelista and Poklov put them down after a few more seconds.

Res aliae

The hellshots are nothing special. I might as well share them:

Hellshots look like a cross between a norker and an earth elemental. One is about four feet tall, with its
red skin making plates. On their first strike, one slams into its foes, then it fights with its spear.

ST: 6
HP: 9Speed: 6.25
DX: 13
Will: 14Move: 6
IQ: 8
Per: 14Weight: 80 lbs.
HT: 12FP: 12SM: -1
Dodge: 9
Parry: 10DR: 4

Grapple (13): 1d-4 control points. CM 6. Reach C.
Slam (14): 1d crushing. Reach C.
Spear (15): 1d-2 impaling. Reach 1. +1 damage and Reach if used two-handed.

Traits: Berserk (12); Enhanced Move 1 (Ground Speed 12); High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitable; Infravision; Social Stigma (Infernal).
Skills: Brawling-14, Spear-15.
Class: Demon (Corporeal Demon).
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 37 (18 OR and 19 PR).
Notes: Unwilling to negotiate. Truly evil. It will try to slam with its first move, and make as many All-Out Attacks (Strong, mostly) as it can. Notable equipment includes:
  • Cheap Spear (SM -1), $10, 2.6 lbs.