Sunday, July 19, 2015

Game log for 19 July 2015

This log is going to be short, in part because we did a whole lot of the same thing most of the game: fight skeletons. For anyone with the original Caverns of Thracia, it's room 27B. The one chance we had to liven up the fight, I blew. I held off the carrion crawler too long. Alright, it's a carrion crawler, so it's supposed to be stupid. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

With a bit more verbosity for purposes of tracking this later:

The gang went down the hall behind the secret door, then opened the door at the end. The door opened into a big room with a rift splitting it in two and pillars going down the middle. First, they checked out and alcove near where they went into the room, and found a circular spot in the floor, about 10 feet wide, that looks like it has edges like a trap door. Near it and the wall were many small holes. Caleb thought they smelled like some kind of gas or oil.

Kim led the group along the right side of the room, and almost fell when she stepped on the edge of the rift, which gave way. After some chatter, Kim climbed along the wall to get over the rift, which was about 8 feet wide. After getting over Anêr and their gear, they had Caleb jump over, with rope tied to him. He needed it, too.

(At this point, Chris, who plays Caleb, started talking about how it would be neat if he had a spell on his sheet that he'd overlooked which would help. I felt kind and grabbed his sheet, looked, and pointed at a spell. I really shouldn't have.)

Caleb was struck smart, all of the sudden, and cast Levitate on himself, then went back over and Levitated Yémos, Kúflaug, and Mayhem.

(Truth be told, not casting Levitate on everyone was an FP saver. Caleb was about to need the FP.)

The gang walked along the wall, passing by rows of skeletons on the floor. They were lying nice and tidy, not sprawled out. They were hoping to get to the way out, which they could dimly see, without bothering anything, but had no such luck. As soon as the heroes passed the one pillar near the right side of the room on the far side of the rift, two skeletons stood up and struck at the gang. While they took out the skeletons, a carrion crawler came up behind them. However, it wasn't much of a match, as everyone took a smack before it could get its nasty tentacles on anyone.

Then came scads of skeletons, a few more coming every few seconds. They kept fighting them, with Yémos's staff being deadlier than wont.

(After awhile, John, who plays Kim, started to lament all the skeletons. Luckily, that was near the end of the time we had, so I told them just to go to the way out, with an opposed DX roll to see if the skeletons got any last strikes. They lost the roll, but none of the skeleton's blows did anything.)

World data? Heck, it's the same day.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A funny thing was on the wall in the CONvergence gaming floor

All you GURPSketeers know this image, right?

Y'know, a satirical take on just how many frigging GURPS books there are.

Well, this weekend, I'm at CONvergence, a Minneapolis sci-if con, though I'm only into meeting old friends and playing elf games with funny dice. And on the 22nd floor, I can do the latter, though it's mostly Pathfinder. Anyways, they have a wall of honor, wherein are the pictures of the founders of the gaming hobby. On it are Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson (say, if you were living, I made it early to the con today, so I totally could have helped you sell those items, including that demi-human sex book), Richard Garfield (Magic: the Gathering, IIRC), and some Japanese fellow who apparently has something to do with Nintendo games. Anyways, Evil Stevie is on the wall, right after Dave but before Richard Garfield. There are pictures of their works of art under their faces, and … well, let me post the snapshot I took:

That's right. Right there, in the bottom right, is the satirical Photoshopped image of endless GURPS books, credited to being part of Steve Jackson's body of work. Next thing you know, Bert will be in an image with Jackson.