Sunday, July 20, 2014

Game log for 20 July 2014

Cast of characters:

Yémos, human male cleric of Dōsaútōr, goddess of magic (Eric)
Anêr, human male swashbuckler (Eric)
Mayhem, human male short barbarian of the Dragon Claw Clan (Chris)
Caleb, human male wizard (Chris)

Everyone started at 125 points, but had 21 to spend.

We start again on the morning of 24 Žnēâns. After looting the lair of the caterwaul, they walked for a bit, then ran into a big sinkhole, bigger athwart than a football field and deep. The group chose to walk around it, though it saw the tunnel in the middle, and made a note of it for later. The rest of the trek to Káddrakos was easy, and they made it to the gnome village before sundown.

Once in the village, the nervous little watchman told the gang that if it wanted to stay for the night, it should head for the Winking Friar, the village tavern and one of the few buildings in he village that could handle the "big folks." In there, they get room (on the floor of the common room after shutting for the night) and board (beer, lamb stew with odd spices and fruits) for 15 copper farthings each from a barkeep, a gnome man with no eyebrows. Yémos paid him 15 silver pennies for the whole group.

A chandelier is the centerpiece of the Winking Friar, which was busy with gnomes eating, drinking and playing games. The group sat at one of the "man tables" in a corner and watched a bunch of gnomes play a game they called Pencils and Paychecks. While the gang ate, a gnome woman named Allikolíā, who had a prosthetic arm with a slot for her crossbow, came to the group and asked, in a scratchy voice, if it was going into the woods, and offered her services as a ranger if it did, as she knew the woods. Alas, they were going back to Mīstássun. She took it glumly, but said she would gladly go with the group if it wanted to go into the woods again; that a werewolf had pulled off her arm did not daunt her.

That night, Anêr found a gnome passed out on him; he rolled the drunk gnome under his head and used him as a pillow. The next day, they bought rations from the innkeeper, the village housewives, and a one-eyed peddler with big fetishes that he said came from giants who live in the swamp. They truly smelled of swamp.

They left the village for the trek though hilly land to Ōndrûnks. The weather was still nice. At midday, they ate lunch by a pyre for someone who had died a few months ago. While Yémos did not have the strength to cast Final Rest on the body, it looked burnt enough that even if someone did try to animate it, it would only be a weak skeleton. They reach Ōndrûnks as the sellers were taking down their stalls. Yémos asked one when the next market day would be, but the man wanted money for that datum. So, they went to the Magog tavern for the night. (And the GM got his "Supper's Ready" reference!)

There, they feasted on rabbit in applesauce and drank hard cider. Bîs, the barkeep, said that she didn't think she would see them again. Anêr said it was good to see her too, "sweetheart." She warned them about talking about Dībités Rock, and flaunting any wealth. The villagers ate, drank and played games her too, but a nearby card game burst into a fight, ending with someone borne out after the knives came out.

After all the bustle, Yémos made sure to cast Watchdog before going to bed. A tattooed lady saw this and came up to him, and asked, with her lisp, if he could cast it on her stuff too. Alas, Yémos did not do so, and so the woman slept in another corner. Yémos awoke four times that night from when creeps triggered his Watchdog spell.

The next day, the 26th, was also nice, and not long after setting out did five goons try to rob the heroes. Two got off surprise shots at Anêr and Yémos, but Anêr's Combat Reflexes let him snap to his senses and get out of the way, and Yémos's mail stopped the arrow.

The heroes let the bandits draw near. Three of them rushed towards them, while two archers loaded their bows for another shot. Yémos cast Shield on Anêr for two points, taking most of his Fatigue, but he didn't need it. As soon as one bandit, a woman with high cheekbones wearing cloth armor, got near him, he stabbed her in the leg, and the others fled.

Yémos interrogated her, and learned that the bandits camped not far outside of Ōndrûnks, and they had followed the heroes through the morning. The heroes took her weapons—a cheap smallsword and a pistol crossbow—and her grappling hook and rope and her money (53 farthings), bound her wounds, and left her. They made camp a few miles outside Lûtē Downs that night, and on watch, Mayhem spotted two goons looking to strike their camp, but they ran as soon as they saw he had seen them.

That next day, the 27th, was about the same as the last few, and that morning they passed through Lûtē Downs. After their midday meal, they ran into a well-heeled man with five guards coming from Mīstássun, who stopped them and tried to buy or sell magic weapons. The gang didn't have enough money to buy, and had nothing to sell, so the man, who had wooden teeth, turned to the northeast to make a sale.

Once back in Mīstássun, they sold the thief's weapons ($160, I don't care about its coins), and set up times to train on new skills (Mayhem wanted to learn Fast Draw (Arrow) while Yémos wanted to learn Bow). They bought a tent with their earnings, and took care of a day's worth of living expenses (that's $20/day for each adventurer). That evening, they went to Praidīvós's home, and talked to him about him not giving them payment. After some words, which were not always nice, Praidīvós said he would have flour and cinnamon ready for them to take the next day. Also, they sold him the gems they found in the lair of the caterwaul.


I need to have a camping log sheet for all those little camping rolls that we have, though now that the gang has bought a tent, that's one roll down.

They did most of their leveling up in Káddrakos, though for the new skills, I made them go to Mīstássun where they can train. They're off-template skills, so it's $80 a character point. I have no idea how long they need to train. A few days, I suppose. For stuff they already have on their sheet and are using I let them go up for free. Mayhem got Survival (Wilderness) and Stealth (he'd been rolling on a default for those), two levels of Axe/Mace and a level of Outdoorsman. Anêr got some Strength, and I don't recall what Yémos got.

Eric is especially keen on buying a beast of burden. With the money they got from selling Praidīvós the gems from the caterwaul's lair ($742), they might have enough left over, but we were getting up from the table. But they'll need it. They'll be hauling about 75 pounds of flour, sugar and cinnamon as well as their gear.