Saturday, March 25, 2017

Game log 12 March 2017: Not much happened

Dramatis personae

Mayhem, barbarian
Caleb, wizard
Xórin, fox-man scout
Ash, squire
Kim, thief
Kôštē, cleric (NPC)
Villûdē, guide (NPC)

Quid occurrit

This post is mostly for the benefit of having something down.

First game day, 26 Brugés, the only encounter was Xórin seeing Yogi late at night. He woke up Mayhem, and Mayhem threw him fish. This puzzled Xórin, who said, "Here rations, have some more rations." He wanted to hunt Yogi—"How can you not shoot that adorable face?"—but Mayhem told him to let Yogi go.

The next morning, not much happened. As they walked through the swamp at midday, they found a clump of red hair in some bushes. After Caleb cast Detect Magic on it found it wasn't magic, Xórin chose to learn its smell.

Three days later (30 Brugés—all months handily have 32 days, and the start of the month always lines up with the new moon), they made it to the peat farm in the morning. There, the lead farmer was burning peat. He shooed them away, saying that the ibathene had come too near the peat farm, and the heroes had the smell of the swamp on them. The next day, they made it to the Ūktrés River, and made a new raft.

(At this point, I realized that almost nothing was going to happen. They were two days from getting out of the swamp, and another three days from town. They were almost out of rations, other than Mayhem, so I pushed them along and said it would take 6 days, and everyone but Mayhem would be out of rations.)

Once at town (4 Néberos in the game calendar, or mid-October), they made it back to town. They found out that rations were threefold their list cost owing to a bad harvest. Ash had the Armor of the Ape identified, and put it on. He didn't tell the others of its powers. Caleb, the paymaster, paid Villûdē, who might try her hand at singing again.

Res aliae

We were playing in the coffee shop of the nursing home where Chris is for the moment. As such, we were playing around old folks, who perked up when the characters got to town and looking for lodging. "They're playing Dragons and Dungeons, it's hilarious! They're going to all these motels."

We got going late owing to Chris's meal time, and my wife texting me right as we were about to start, not realizing that I was out gaming.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Real life

A quick note. Right now, I am having trouble casting Dispel Real Life so I can get on with my blog writing. Specifically, there are two things:

  • I would have posted logs, but one of my players, Chris Lutgen (Caleb and Mayhem), has been having health issues so we haven't played, especially since we play at his dining table. We're talking nasty, life-changing health issues that have put him into a nursing home, at least for the moment.
  • I'm in grad school now, in addition to working full-time and being a husband and a father. And I hopefully will be running Dungeons & Dragons for one of my daughters and one or more of her friends soon, once the other father and I work out the plans.

I have been meaning to put up a review of Lairs & Encounters for Adventurer Conqueror King System. As should be clear, when I review, I make damn sure to go through everything.

Now, an aside. My master's program is in library and information science; since I'm a gamer, I'll have to play Conan the Librarian at some point. But anyways, I'm in a cataloging (er, "Organization of Knowledge") course at the moment, and am thinking of using my 100,000+ words of setting notes and hex entries as a project. So, if any of you have any ideas of what a markup language for RPG adventures and settings would have, I'd love to hear ideas. I'm thinking of NPCs/monsters, settlements, hexes, lairs, treasure/objects, traits, encounters, events, that kind of thing.