Sunday, August 30, 2015

A couple of NPCs

There is no game today, since I took my family to the Minnesota State Fair, where we fought Sweet Martha and her killer calories. I'm taking a page from the master of Dungeon Fantasy game blogging, Peter Dell'Orto, and posting a couple of NPCs who have been fighting alongside the PCs. A couple of things from their character sheets are lobbed off, since they have yet to affect play, or are a special number like Loyalty that nobody other than I should know.


Likháfrikh is a dwarf from Mōr-Nembe who has been an engineer at the Zúbrās Mines for four years. His snub nose peeks out over his big, bushy brown and auburn mustache, and he is strong and muscular. He is missing four teeth from the left side of his mouth. As an engineer, he’s unremarkable. He likes going into the mines himself and bossing the slaves, as the danger gives him a thrill. Likháfrikh likes to have others around and likes chatting with them, though, like most dwarves, he trusts neither elves nor goblin-kin. He knows the built-up spots of the mines well, but sends orcs or goblins into the unknown spots, and makes them bring back news. Better they die than he. He likes to be known to be good at his job, and talks up even his small deeds in the mines to anyone who may listen.

ST: 13HP: 13Speed: 6.00
DX: 12Will: 10Move: 5
IQ: 10Per: 10SM: 0
HT: 13FP: 16DR: 5/3*
Dodge: 8Parry: 10UBlock: n/a

Great Axe (15): 2d+3 cutting. Reach 1, 2*. 
Punch (14): 1d crushing. Reach C.

Traits: Alcohol Tolerance; Chummy (12); Code of Honor (Dwarf's); Dwarven Gear; Greed (12); Lifting ST 2 (ST 15); Night Vision 5; Obsession (Mine safety) (12); Pickaxe Penchant 1; Resistant to Poisons (+3); Risk-Taking Behavior (Goes into the mines and works with the slaves); Stubbornness; Wealth (Comfortable).

Skills: Area Knowledge (Zúbrās Mines)-12; Brawling-14; Carousing-13; Climbing-12; Crossbow-13; Engineer (Mining)-12; Fast-Draw (Arrow)-12; Forced Entry-14; Intimidation-10; Lifting-13; Prospecting-14; Survival (Subterranean)-11; Traps-10; Two- Handed Axe/Mace-15.
Class: Mundane.
Notes: Reacts to others at +2. Armor not compatible with human armor. He speaks and reads Dwarfish and Mannish at Native, and speaks Goblin at Broken. Gear includes:
  • Fine Mail Hauberk (covers Torso, Arms on 1-3 on 1d, Legs on 1-3 on 1d), $1,575, 26.25 lbs.
  • Great Axe, $100, 8 lbs.
  • Hardened Leather Gauntlets (covers Hands; gives Ham Fisted 2), $13, 1.5 lbs.
  • Leather Boots (covers Feet; DR 2/1 against impaling), $80, 3 lbs.

  • Light Layered Cloth Leggings (covers Legs on 4-6 on 1d (Shins); DR 2*), $150, 12 lbs.
  • Light Layered Cloth Sleeves (covers Arms on 4-6 on 1d (Forearms); DR 2*), $75, 6 lbs.


Kúflaug is an orc miner. He has a ring in his septum, with a paunchy body, a craggy face, straight dark brown hair over his ears, and an unkempt mustache. He is truly worshipful of Kásnotok (aka Rōripermónē, goddess of farming), and wants to set up a bigger garden for the orcs, and sow some fields. Kúflaug isn't the best miner, but he has been in the mining camp most of his life and so knows the layout well enough. He feels the need to be calm, and bullies others sometimes to get them to calm down too.

ST: 14HP: 16Speed: 6.25
DX: 10Will: 9Move: 4
IQ: 8Per: 9SM: 0
HT: 13FP: 9DR: 2/1*
Dodge: 8Parry: 8Block: n/a

Axe (11): 2d+2 cutting. Reach 1. 
Punch (10): 1d-1 crushing. Reach C.

Traits: Acute Hearing 2; Appearance (Ugly); Bully (12); Fit; Infravision; Lifting ST 2 (ST 16); Rapid Healing; Religious (Kastonok); Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3); Sense of Duty (Owner); Social Stigma (Savage); Social Stigma (Subjugated).

Skills: Area Knowledge (Zúbrās Mines)-10; Axe/Mace-11; Brawling-10; Climbing-9; Gardening-8; Intimidation-9; Lifting-13; Wrestling-10.
Notes: Right now, he is carrying a halberd (12 lbs.) and wearing medium leather armor (36 lbs.). He wears an iron slave collar (1 lbs.) and normal clothes. He speaks Goblin and Mannish at Native, but cannot read.

Class: Mundane.


  • I based Likháfrikh off the Dwarf template that appeared in Pyramid #3/50, Races as Professions, and lobbed off 1 from each of his attributes. I also ignored most of the optional picks. I didn't want him upstaging the PCs.
  • I based Kúflaug off the Laborer template from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen. Unlike Likháfrikh, I didn't worry that he would outshine the PCs since the template is only 62 points, and not focused on fighting.
  • Kúflaug's armor is a generic armor that I made from taking the Torso armor in GURPS Low Tech: Instant Armor, and making the weight and cost threefold it so that it covered everything other than the face and neck. Unofficially, I leave gloves and boots at DR 2*, but mostly I don't fret about that since it seldom comes up.

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