Saturday, May 7, 2016

DF skill cheat sheet, redux

I'm uploading Word and PDF-versions of my DF Skill Cheat Sheet, after a comment from Dungeon Fantasy Meisterburger Peter V. Dell'Orto. A few other remarks on this sheet:

  • Obviously, some skills are more useful than others. I doubt you would have been surprised to find Climbing, Survival, Thaumatology, and Traps were more useful than Armoury and Forgery.
  • DF16 was a pain-in-the-ass to write up, not in the least because it doesn't have an index of its skills in the back, like DF2 does.
  • Speaking of DF16, I think between it and After the End 2, it shows that the Basic Set needs more detail for outdoor adventures. If there's ever another revision of the Basic Set, some of those two supplements will migrate into it.
  • Doing this sheet coincides with the reason for my Sola Scriptura series: go through Dungeon Fantasy bit-by-bit to learn it better.
Anyways, see below:


  1. Thank you, and thank you. My non-existent German translates Meisterburger as "Mr. Burger." Mmm . . . burger.

    1. It's from the Rankin/Bass Santa Claus Christmas Special; the toy-hating leader of the town was Burgomeister Meisterburger. You have my vote.

    2. I'm running on an anti-toy, pro-orc platform.

  2. Feel free to fold, spindle, and mutilate, as you see fit. Maybe someone will have the energy/need to add the psi stuff, and things I missed. What would be really handy is for someone to start trying to match up spells to tasks. I added the ones that were specifically mentioned.