Tuesday, June 28, 2016

19 June 2016 game log

Dramatis personae

Yémos, cleric of the goddess of wisdom and magic
Ash, squire
Kim, procurement expert
Anêr, swashbuckler
Mayhem, short barbarian
Caleb, yellow-robed mage


Villûdē, guide

Quid occurrit

Yémos cast Minor Healing on both Ash and Anêr, but didn’t risk healing Mayhem again. Instead, everyone went to bed.

That morning (23 Skraptôs), about an hour before daybreak, Caleb spotted a bear on his watch. It was the male of the pair they saw earlier. He roused the others and they got up while Caleb readied a Fireball. He lobbed it at the bear, but missed, and the bear kept coming slowly towards the camp. The others got ready, and once he got near enough, Anêr struck. That just made the bear mad, and he tried to hit Anêr, but instead put his paw on Anêr’s rapier.

Anêr beat up on the bear, landing three straight blows, though when he was done and the bear fell over, Yémos took mercy on the bear and cast Minor Healing on him to keep him from bleeding out.

That night, a star shot through the sky as they slept. The next morning, Mayhem at last woke up. He was groggy and bothered as he hadn’t eaten since right before the ogres bothered him. At midday, they reached the raft, and had to spend the rest of the day fixing it.

Villûdē let the gang know she was low on food, so they spent the day after gathering food. Mayhem didn’t hunt, but instead spent all day eating. Kim had a mishap with one of her traps and got hurt, and Yémos, who had a good bounty, gave a bunch of his food to the guide.

The next day they spent drifting through the swamp. There was a rain storm in the morning, slowing their drift. The morning after, Yémos at least fully healed Mayhem. In the middle of the morning, they saw a mammal the size of an ox with an eight-knotted tail and long, reddish hair on its body. Caleb knew it to be a santer, some beast he saw drawn in a book, but knew nothing else about it. Regardless, nobody deemed the santer a threat, so they went on their way.

The next was their last day wandering. In the afternoon, they made it back to peat farm, where they spent the night and bought arrows. Ajurêš, the lead peat farmer, reminded the gang that the ibathene was to the east, but was gladdened when he heard the gang had killed three nagas. The heroes spent the night at the peat farm, and the next day set forth, with the trees and ground wet from the overnight rain. When they made camp, Yémos almost stepped in a sinkhole, though he pulled his foot away.

Shortly after midday the next day, the gang was floating through the swamp on its raft, and a gang of nine orcs hailed them. The raft drifted nearer, and the orc leader said to pay up. Caleb asked what that meant, and the orc leader said that meant the heroes give the orcs all they had.

Villûdē started to push the boat to the side, and after a few seconds, the orc bowmen let loose a few arrows, one hitting Caleb, who had cast a Blast Ball and was holding it. Yémos dropped his bow as he tried to shoot back.

Caleb lobbed a Blast Ball, and he heard a buzzing in his ear. “Teach me! Teach me! Teach me!” said the buzzing. The Blast Ball singed a few of the orcs, with the leader getting out of its way. “That was great!” said the buzz.

Kim and Ash took their shots, but didn’t do much. The raft drifted nearer the orcs while Villûdē kept poling it to the side away, and everyone else got ready for another volley. Caleb heard, “That was great!” from the buzz, and said back, “Shut up so I can do it again!” before firing up another Blast Ball. He lobbed it before the bowmen got their volley off, but it missed. The buzz said, “That’s all right! That’s all right!"

At least it was a positive buzz. That was more than the buzz of the arrow of the orc leader, which dropped Caleb unconscious. Kim and Ash got their arrows off, felling one orc. A big orc grabbed him as the leader yelled, “Pull back!"

Yémos touched Caleb in a thoroughly good and wholesome way with Major Healing, and Caleb again heard the buzz in his ear. “That was a tough shot."

Res aliae

What’s the buzz? The players know a bit since I spilled the beans as we left, but I’ll put it up next time when the characters know more. Suffice it to say that it comes from Caleb’s Weirdness Magnet. 

I was lazy on posting this log, even though I started typing it the evening after the game. Going back over it, I'm surprised the orcs failed their morale roll so early. As for posting, I was waiting on the Brexit and my daughter's baseball team to get through its season. The next session won't be until 10 July due to CONvergence. I'm going, they're not.

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