Monday, January 16, 2017

Game log for 15 January 2017: New guy gets the glowing, spongy ball

Dramatis personae

Mayhem, barbarian
Caleb, wizard
Kim, thief
Ash, squire
Kôštē, cleric (NPC)
Villûdē, guide (NPC)


Xórin, fox man

Quid occurrit

The next morning, Xórin, a fox man, came to the peat farm. Ajurês the peat farmer was talking to Caleb about the bad harvest, telling him to have his friends go. After some yelling and greetings, Xórin joined the group.

The first day was easy going, as easy going as a swamp could be. The second day was slower since Kôštē was low on rations, so everyone gathered more and hiked less. That evening, Ash was on watch, and he saw three lights off to the edge of camp. He woke everyone, including the new guy, who wasn't all that happy about it being night.

The will-o'-the-wisps weren't too happy about the armed gang, so they swooped towards them. Kim tried to strike them from behind, but that didn't help much. Neither did Caleb casting Darkness at the wisps; they flew through it. However, Ash found he could smash the wisps, and as such, he did the best against the little glowing buggers.

The next day, they saw the santer, and not long before sunset, they found the tower again, and went inside. Kim headed straight for the room with the altar, and looked for the rats, but found none. Xórin asked if it was an altar of Nemmagós, goddess of the night. Kôštē said that it was.

Xórin said that he hated the goddess Nemmagós and her followers. He poured some berry juice onto the altar, then he and Kim relieved themselves on it.

Uh, OK.

They then went into the next room, and found there were a bunch of big centipedes, which they beat handily. Then they checked out a metal podium that throbbed with electricity.

Res aliae

A fair amount of time was spent getting through the last of character creation, so this log is short. The fights weren't too involved; I handled the giant centipedes without a map.

Xórin is a character that Roman has played in a few games, namely Rifts and Midnight. He fights with two broadswords, which meant I had to read up on the rules for two-weapon fighting once again. Roman keeps reminding me of a two-weapon fighter he played in my GURPS space marines game a decade ago, but I keep remembering him playing Master Chief.

I'm disappointed in how I handled will-o'-the-wisps. I'm afraid I need some way to have them lure wayfarers other than sheer curiosity, which doesn't work if the guy on watch doesn't have the Curious disadvantage. My version is a D&D translation that doesn't quite get the sense of wonder. I can't recall if GURPS Faerie has something.

Edit: I think this will make the will-o'-the-wisp more interesting:

Look at the Pretty Lights! (Resist Will): Anyone who sees a will-o'-wisp must resist Will or try to follow it. Anyone with Curious takes a penalty to the roll based on his self-control number (use the table for Phobia, p. B149). Those who fail to resist must come toward the will-o'-wisp for as many. This lasts for as many minutes as the number by which he failed his Will roll, or until the will-o'-wisp attacks. If someone affected is given clear information to the contrary (say, someone makes a Hidden Lore roll to realize this is a will-o'-wisp), he may resist again.

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