Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Quick House Rule

Inspired by this thread, I'm making a cost to feed the animals: $10/day for SM 0. I do things a day instead of a week to handle a game calendar. So for the pony and the saddle horse, both of which are SM +1, the cost is $20 each a day.

So, Cost of Living: $20 Ash, Ash's horse, Kôštē, Mayhem, Caleb, ponies
$28: Xórin (Compulsive Carousing)
$28: Kim (Compulsive Spending)

$196 day, $1,372 week

1 comment:

  1. Cool rule. I have taken to listing cost of care per time period for commonly owned animals, too (See the horse entries on my blog). You might also want weights of food and water on a per day basis, too. That will greatly affect planned journeys - especially when those horses end up having to spend 3/4 of their encumbrance on their own food...