Saturday, October 7, 2017

Game log 28 August 2017 and 24 September 2017: Wild turkeys couldn't drag me away

Dramatis personae

Xórin, fox-man
Kim, thief
Mayhem, barbarian
Ash, squire
Caleb, wizard
Villûdē, guide (NPC)
Kôštē, cleric (NPC)

Quid occurrit

On 30 Néberos, they set out. That day, they met a one-eyed woman walking towards them. They hailed her, and she tried to sell them perfume.

Caleb: “We’re not in the market for perfume.”
Perfume merchant: “Maybe you should be.”

That night, they made it to Kerváron and slept at Caleb’s parents’ home. The next day, they passed by the market village of Dūtordôn, but kept walking west. The next night was rainy, and Ash killed a pesky rattlesnake right before they made camp.

The next day, they made it to Qadūšāt’s tower. There, a pudgy young hobbit opened the door for them, and brought Qadūšāt to them. She was a woman about thirty who had curly hair and big brown eyes, wearing pink and grey robes, and spoke in a light accent. From her, they found that she did know Praidīvós, their one-handed erstwhile patron, but didn’t like him, and knew about the pond. She didn’t tell them anything else, and was icy towards them, so the gang left without looking through her books.

They made camp outside, then set forth the next day. The next day, they made it back to Dūtordôn, and stayed at the Spirits tavern. They made it to the edge of the swamp the next day, where they made a swamp the day after that.

In the swamp, they heard a big boom that morning. They stopped for the night, and that evening, Mayhem led the gang as it scattered a bug swarm.

The next day was rainy, and they made slow headway. The next day, they made it to the edge of the pond. The pond was about 100 yards athwart. White elm trees with golden leaves were on all along the shore, and in them were jet-black lorises. In the middle of the pond on a small island was a cobalt-blue crystal statue of a wizard whose finger pointed towards the sky.

But first, the stymphalian birds.

There were almost 30 birds, as big as turkeys and jet-black, like the lorises. They flew at the heroes, who quickly slew a few. Between the losses and Caleb’s Stroke of Lightning spell, the evil turkeys felt enough fear to flee.

After binding their wounds, some of the heroes swam out to the statue. Caleb saw that the statue’s skyward fingertip was a prism, and if sunlight would strike it at the right time, it would make a ray that would show them something.

Sure enough, at sunset, the setting sunlight hit the prism at the right angle, and it shone on a spot on the shore. They went to it, and shoved away some dirt and brush, and found stone doors. They lifted them, and saw stairs going down.

It was a good thing, too, as the flock of evil turkeys was coming back.

Res aliae

I botched thunder bugs, as they should have been nastier. As such,

Two character points for each session.

I’m being a lazy rotter on this log stuff. I put together two sessions into one log, as they were both short sessions. As will be the one tomorrow, sadly.

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