Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Character Creation

Biff Bam: "Ok I'll be helping with character crEEPation, did you all bring an algebraHAic calculators?" 

"Monty Python Mishaps In The Deepest Pit Of Homebrew Hell" by Al Bruno III

Build all characters on 125 points. Ideally, these characters should be built with a template, either from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen, or from Eric B. Smith's "Dungeon Fantasy on the Cheap." Three of my starting players built characters from DF 15 templates, the fourth took an older character and we spiffed him up.

There are five things I would like in each character:

  • Two associated NPCs. Think of them as unreliable Contacts, or not-too-clingy Dependents. They're for light roleplaying near home, and for feeding adventures to the group.
  • Two threads. These are small personal plots for the character.
  • What that character would do if his player doesn't show up that week.

The threads and NPCs also let me roll up scenes with the Mythic GM Emulator. Anyways, for each of these, this gives the character a bonus character point. If you advance one of your threads in a session, you get another character point.

Having a description and backstory is worth 5 character points. Be detailed, but not too detailed, and don't have a backstory dependent on being in an utterly far away land. If any of you have read "The 7-Sentence NPC" from Dragon #193 (summary; it's also the basis for the NPC details in the D&D Dungeon Masters Guide 4th Edition), that's the level of detail I want, and the level I have for NPCs.

Finding a picture for the character is worth a free character point, two if you drew it yourself. If another player in the game drew it for you, you get one point, he gets the other. Bringing a mini for your character is worth a point, two if you painted it yourself. No points if Chris brings you one of his; that's what Chris always does.

Most of the standard Dungeon Fantasy character creation rules apply, though I do allow the Scroll spell for wizards, and Area Knowledge has its usual use from other GURPS games.

Giving me a log of the session is worth a character point, as is drawing a map of wherever you looted.

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