Sunday, January 12, 2014

Game log for 12 January 2014


Caleb, human wizard (125 points) (Nate)
Mayhem, human midget (er ...) barbarian (125 points) (Chris)


Yémos, human cleric of Dōsaútōr (goddess of knowledge and magic) (125 points) (Eric)
Anêr, human swashbuckler (125 points) (Rett)

On Žnēâns 2852, early evening, Caleb comes to the Scarlet Harlot in Mīstássun. Here, he plans to meet with the wizard Praidīvós, who has offered him an apprenticeship. However, the wizard was not yet there, so Caleb chats with the local wizards in the Scarlet Harlot about perpetual motion, household use of Fire spells, tossing dwarves, the demon in Dībités Rock.

Two drunk wizards try to toss Mayhem, a short barbarian of the Spider Tooth Clan, but he punches one. Both are too drunk to do much after that.

Suddenly, a madman runs up to the table with the wizards, and up to Caleb. He starts screaming and babbling about the demon to Caleb, then runs away into the street.

At last, Praidīvós, an older wizard missing his right hand, comes into the tavern, and asks Caleb to cast Ignite Fire. The first time, Caleb has a backfire, which scorches the table and makes a gnome hiding under the table run out after scorching it. The second time he heats the wizard's beer.

After accepting him as an apprentice, Praidīvós tells Caleb to meet a cleric, Yémos, the next morning in the Scarlet Harlot.

Metagame Notes

This was mostly a character creation session. Since Eric and Rett couldn't make it anyways, we didn't get much playing done.

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