Sunday, October 12, 2014

Game log for 12 October 2014

Dramatis Personae:

Yémos, a cleric
Anêr, a swashbuckler
Mayhem, a barbarian
Caleb, a wizard

Quid occurrit:

After backing away from the hellshots, they go into the hallway and open up an old armory. The swords here are rusted and the leather armor is rotten, and nobody can guess the age of the weapons, though they're still usable. Mayhem picks up a few arrowheads, hoping that maybe a fletcher can work with them.

They leave the old armory. After passing a hallway that they think would go to the hellshots and a tapestry that hides an empty room, they open another door. Here, there is a stairs, a door to the right and a passage to the left. Near the door to the right is an iron ring with a rope tied to it, and the rope rises into the air and hangs in midair.

After checking out the rope, which Caleb sees is magic, they check out the door, and see that it is trapped. So instead of trying to open the door normally, they try prying it open at the hinges. Yémos and Mayhem get the door open, and the floor under them lowers to a slope, making them tumble past the door and down the sloping hallway into water. Both keep afloat, and Anêr tosses them some rope to bring them up. As that hallway goes underwater, they choose to go to the hallway on the other side of the room.

They walk down the hallway and take a turn to the left, and walk into a room with five fellows in leather armor and bearing shortswords. The leader is a baby-faced woman with milky white skin, and wild light auburn hair to her ears, but with wooden teeth. She's wary, and asks the heroes about a bunch of wizards who "make the crystal jelly." She and her gang want to reap a bounty on their heads. Nobody knows anything about that, so after Yémos reasons with her, the two groups tell the other the way each came to this room. The bounty hunters go the way the heroes came, and the heroes go through a door.

They walk up a short flight of stairs, and find themselves in a room with old pews and musical instruments, as well some fluid dripping in a corner. However, the four ghouls eating dead bodies of men catch their eyes. After a few insults towards the heroes, the ghouls agree to let them go past, though Anêr faints from the ghouls eating men's bodies and Caleb swears off any raw meat ever again.

They go past a hallway to the right, and heed the bounty hunter's words and go left. There, they find a table with a mortar and pestle on it, a door, and a suit of plate holding a halberd next to the door. Yémos looks at the halberd, and sees that it has blood stains on it. So for the moment, they look at the table, and find jars under the table. One of the jars has coins (47 copper farthings and 6 silver pennies) in it, and Mayhem opens it, letting the spores from the old herbs in it into the air. He takes 4 FP of damage while Anêr, downwind, takes 1 FP.

Next, they check out the door again, and see the tripwire at the doorway leading to the suit of plate. Thus, they get the door open without triggering the trap, and step into a roughly-hewn room with many barrels in it, and eight big centipedes. They scuffle as the centipedes come towards them, and one bites Mayhem, and the poison saps his DX. After a few seconds, Caleb gets off an Explosive Fireball, which makes the centipedes scatter.

The heroes go on past the centipedes, and find themselves at a small drop off, which they climb. From there, they start to go up, and, after a nasty fight with some hellshots after walking for about a half hour, they make it to the cave where they met the dwarves a few weeks before, and from there to fresh air.


I was generous and let them find their pony wandering around, albeit without her saddlebags. Regardless, they need to make their way back to Mīstássun without the demon blood, which has many clear issues. Back to hex crawl mode.

Three character points all around.

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