Saturday, December 26, 2015

Game log for 20 December 2015

Qui sunt?

Mayhem, barbarian
Caleb, wizard
Yémos, cleric
Kim, thief
Anêr, swashbuckler
Kúflaug, orc slave

Quid occurrit?

14 Párūs

fter walking about an hour northeast of Rúkranun, they found a wooden totem of an eight-foot-tall kobold holding a spear. There were no tracks around it and it wasn’t there the last time they passed through there.

That evening, a bunch of deer stampeded. Most of the gang made it up a tree, but Mayhem and Yémos each had one trample him. Mayhem’s armor took the hooves, but Yémos needed to heal himself after taking damage.

They made camp. That night, bandits came, and three shot arrows into Mayhem. He held his temper and roused the cry, and everyone woke up other than Kúflaug. Two bandits struck at Anêr, and one dropped him to the ground, but still awake. Some other bandits got near the tent, and tried to steal the horse. Mayhem stepped and felled one of the bandits with a blow. The others saw this and panicked. Yémos healed Anêr and Mayhem.

Kúflaug awoke, and asked Mayhem, “What happened to you?"

Mayhem said, “It was an arrowing experience."

The next day, they went to the trading post. Outside the post, seven men on horses stopped them and asked their business at the post. After telling them, the horsemen let them pass, but warned them not to touch anything. The gang ate stew at the post, and Mayhem bought ten pounds each of grain and iron as gifts for his clan.

They made camp on the plains that night, and Mayhem caught a big fish.

The next day, the gang went east to the river and foraged for the whole day. Mayhem and Kim had big hauls, but Anêr found some bad berries and shared them with everyone. Kim got especially sick.

The day after that, 17 Párūs, they went northwest, and sighted the Dragon Claw Clan’s camp near midday. They told tales, and the chief asked Mayhem if he wanted his initiation. Mayhem agreed, so the next evening, Mayhem, Kim, Kúflaug, and Séttora, a warrior woman of the tribe who lusted after orcs, set out to have Mayhem touch a lynx with a painted hand. Mayhem snuck up to the lynx, baited it with a fish, then touched it when it ran away with the fish.

Quid aliud possum dicere?

This game works best with some kind of destination in the thick of danger, like a dungeon of 2-3 levels or a big lair. Along the way, they loot monster lairs and shallow dungeons. Sticking in the civilized areas and dealing with bandits is repetitive. And I told everyone such, so the idea is to go deeper into the forest, hills, or swamp, which is where danger lies.

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