Sunday, January 10, 2016

Game log for 3 January 2016

Short session

I was tired, and I left my iPad behind, so I was going off my notes on my phone. One of the players told me the next day that I didn’t look good. Anyways, we spent awhile updating character sheets and spending points.

The day after the summer solstice, the gang set forth to go back to Dībités Rock and loot its dungeon. In the afternoon, they came into the path of eight wayfarers. After greeting each other, the leader, a gaunt woman named Grádē who talked about herself in the third person, asked the heroes if they had heard the word of Ga’an. Yémos had heard of the god Ga’an, who had something to do with a mountain, so he said they had, but had more pressing duties. Grádē told heroes that the worshippers at Fort Rénnutēs were heretics. After the wayfarers left, Caleb said that Fort Rénnutēs was a keep in the Áos Hills, not all that far from the mines.

They made camp, and the next morning, it rained. After the rain storm, Caleb, Kim, Yémos, and Kúflaug had a small tree fall on them, though luckily nobody was too hurt. That afternoon, they saw a swarm of 28 giant bees coming at them, but they held fast, and let the bees fly above them. That night, while keeping watch, Kim had a rattlesnake spring up on her, but she killed it before it bit her.

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