Friday, January 22, 2016

Game log 17 January 2016

Dramatis Personae

Anêr, swordsman 
Caleb, wizard
Kim, thief
Kúflaug, Orc slave
Mayhem, barbarian 
Yémos, cleric

Res stultae 

The first day, 29 Párūs, still had wet ground, but they still got good time. Nothing happened, and they camped for the night.

The next day was 30 Párūs, which had nicer weather. In mid-morning they stumbled on three wolves as big as ponies. The wolves struck for their pony which also was as big as a pony, but they ran after Caleb singed them with Blast Ball, Kim and Anêr also having them good whacks. (The pony failed her Fright Check and was retching, or whatever ponies do that is near enough to retching for game purposes. This was a hidden blessing, since it meant that the pony didn't run.)

That afternoon, they started to see twisted trees and then twelve armed men on horses wearing the crimson-tinged black sashes of Dībités Rock ran into them. They chatted:

Lead goon: “Identify yourselves!"
Caleb: “We are but humble travelers."
Lead goon: “Come with us and we can put you up for the night."
Caleb: “Where would that be?"
Lead goon: “We are but servants of a master of a castle that is but a short ride from here."
Caleb: “Nah, we’re not much into castles.”
Lead goon: “Come with us!"
Caleb: “You need not trouble yourselves with us."
Lead goon: “You’re the ones who have found trouble."
Caleb: “Hey, did you notice some big ass wolves?"
Lead goon: “Wolves do not concern us."
Caleb: “They’re really big! They eat horses!"
Lead goon: “Are you gonna come peacefully or keep stalling?"
Caleb: “We’re not interested in staying in a castle tonight."
Goons nocked arrows.
Caleb: “Alright, we’ll go."
The goons surrounded the gang, and told it to move along.

Late afternoon, they reached Dībités Rock. Aidīvós, the bald majordomo, came out to greet them, and had this chat:

Aidīvós: “You guys again? How the hell did you guys get out?"
Caleb: “It’s just one of those things. We were minding our own business when these guys showed up. Do you always invite everyone over?"
Aidīvós grinned. “You know …"
Caleb: “No, we don’t know."
Aidīvós: “Gimme your loot and I’ll forget I saw you."
Caleb: “We’re kind of poor travelers, really."
Aidīvós: “If you got out, you have some."
Caleb: “We spent that! Geez, are you kidding?"
Aidīvós laughed. “C’mon, just gimme what you have."
The gang shook its money bags, and the goons took them, with 197 copper farthings and 193 silver pennies.
Aidīvós: “You know, a pleasure doing business with you. Now get out!"

They walked north and got to the dungeon that evening. There was a flock of ravens around the cave. They pitched camp, and early in the morning, a bunch of ravens came up while Anêr was on guard duty. The ravens started squawking, and Anêr woke Yémos to see if Yémos knew what to do with the ravens. None of them knew, and they slept later, luckily with no one bothering them.

They went into the dungeon, and walking through the long tunnel they ran into a toad as big as a man, which they killed. Yémos cast Create Food on it, and they trod on. Once they walked into the dungeon, they walked with their pony and turned around a few corners when a blast of fire greeted them. In a corner, they saw a tarakk chained to a chest. The fire spooked their pony, but they killed the tarakk.

Res aliae

We broke after almost four hours. John won one of those H&R Block tax prep rewards for $1,000, and he wanted to get it. He still doesn't have it as of Thursday afternoon, though this might be different now. "Malum," dixit Pu.

The log isn't as verbose as some, but it was truly a good session. Stuff in-game has been helped along by my custom hexcrawl worksheets, but they lead to logs of less literary worth, whatever that means. When I get around to revising them based on what I've actually used in play, I might share them.

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