Sunday, March 13, 2016

Game log for 13 March 2016

Dramatis personae

Anêr, swashbuckler
Mayhem, barbarian
Caleb, wizard
Yémos, cleric

Quid occurit

After Kim's death, the rest of the gang slept through the night, then left the dungeon.

However, as they were almost to the tunnel out, they ran into five little children with bulging eyes and bloated heads, all bearing knives. The little doomchildren rushed at the heroes, and the heroes fought back. Nobody's blows struck true until Caleb shot one with a Sunbolt, and that little bugger blew up. Caleb, Mayhem, and the horse all took some of the blast. Everyone got up from the ground, then started fighting again, though Anêr tried grabbing at the leg of one of them instead, which he could not do. When they got up, another doomchild stabbed Anêr, who was still on the ground. Caleb, thinking that his spell made the first doomchild blow up, stepped forward and stabbed one, and …

Chain reaction. When the heroes looked up, they saw only the burnt husks of the doomchildren and their knives, which they took. They healed each other and their horse, then took off down the tunnel out. In the tunnel, they fought off six centipedes as big as men, killing four before the others ran off.
When they got out of the tunnel, they walked out to see a lovely sunny morning. They headed out of the woods, and after two days of no bother, they spent the night in Lúrās, in the home of Dergíā, a middle-aged widow with deep-set eyes. After breakfast the next morning, they walked towards Mīstássun, where maybe someone could resurrect Kim.

On the road, about midday, they saw some folks in the bushes along the side of the road, and both Mayhem and Caleb ducked away from their hail of arrows. Mayhem and Anêr rushed to fight the goons who came out, Caleb started casting an Explosive Fireball, and Yémos got his bow ready. Caleb singed three of the bandits before one bandit each shield rushed Mayhem and Anêr.

Anêr stabbed the bandit who had rushed him, and with a twitch of his sword, he gave him a good slash that the bandit could not block. The bandits then struck, and all either missed outright, saw their blows parried, or only hit armor. However, they did step aside so their bowmen could shoot Mayhem and Anêr, who took their arrows in their chests. Mayhem then killed the goon afore him with his axe, and Caleb lobbed a Fireball at one of the goons, who got out of the way.

Anêr stood fast, and both he and Mayhem parried the blows of two of the goons. The other four turned and fled. Mayhem knocked down one of the two goons left, while Yémos missed both him and Mayhem with a bow shot. Anêr gave a quick feint and a stab at the heart of the last one. Afterwards, the gang ransacked the bodies and found 201 copper farthings, 201 silver pennies, and 14 gold pieces. Yémos bound the wounds of the two goons who still breathed, and they went on to Mīstássun.

Once in Mīstássun, they went to the church of Saundīvós, where the midsummer Festival of Light was wrapping up. The guards went to fetch Bašêr, the high priest, while the heroes ate the last of the cheese with caraway seeds and crescent rolls with bacon and onions. Bašêr came and seemed glum, but after a two-hour ceremony with as many lay worshippers as he could find, he brought Kim back to life.

Since the heroes didn't have anywhere near the 6,000 copper farthings, Bašêr instead told them of a quest. As Bašêr wanted to make a bigger church but couldn't get the money for it from the main church in Gōkêsun, he thought having a holy relic would raise the worth of the church in Mīsarkênē. So, he told them of the Boots of Saint Hubbins, the patron saint of quality footwear, which were in the swamp.

That night, they went back to the Pantry, where there was only four folks. Arrūnús told them that the Princess of Gold, a bard from Kešūmménē, was in town, playing the town's taverns. Tonight she was at Wild Cats, a tavern in the Smelters Ward, so that is where the crowd was. One of the four folks in the Pantry was Ash, a young man who was well-armed and looking to link up with a group of heroes.

Meanwhile, the next day, Caleb went to the sage Prainêr, and looked through his books for anything about Saint Hubbins. He found that Saint Hubbins's last battle was against a big—like 100 ft. long big—snake with an eye on an eyestalk.

Res aliae

As bad as all the random encounter rolls were last session, this time they were good. Little happened. They made it back to town with few hitches, and they got a quest in the swamp.

The battle with the bandits was a random encounter, which took the place of the idea I had of running a mock battle so the players could try combat tricks without any problems. The bandits were weak enough, so John started trying things like Feints and Hit Locations. I don't think he'll have trouble remembering All-Out Defense as well. The more they remember this stuff, the more I can remember other things.

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