Friday, September 16, 2016

Resting in the dungeon

Over at Tenkar's Tavern, the Tagblatt of the OSR, there was a link to the Basic & Expert Dungeon Master Tools. Great little site, and I'm sure I'll be using it when I get my girls and some of their friends in a D&D game sometime this fall. (Note to Tony Bravo: can you add the wilderness encounters from the Expert Set to the Wandering Monster Encounter Generator?) But going through the Dungeon Turn Tracker, I noticed something I hadn't spotted in almost 30 years of playing D&D:

Once an hour, or every sixth turn, the party must rest. If it does not, it is -1 to attack and damage rolls.

Upon seeing this, I opened my PDF copy of Moldvay Basic and did a search for "rest." Lo and behold, I found this on page B19, next to last graf on the page:
RESTING: After moving for 5 turns, the party must rest for 1 turn. One turn in 6 (one each hour of the adventure) must be spent resting. If characters do not rest, they have a penalty of -1 on all "to hit" and damage rolls until they do rest. 
Sum' bitch. I'll blame the fact that I started with a kitbash of Mentzer Basic and the AD&D Players Handbook for missing this one.

Now, what does this mean for GURPS? After a moment's thought, it's pretty easy. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 16: Wilderness Adventures gives a rule (p. 24) for being down FP at the start of a wilderness encounter:
If on foot (Feet, p. 21), rowing or paddling, or otherwise doing work, the missing FP depend on the encumbrance of travel gear (above): 1 FP for None, 2 FP for Light, 3 FP for Medium, 4 FP for Heavy, or 5 FP for Extra-Heavy. 
So if you don't rest every sixth turn in the dungeon, you're subject to this. It shifts the burden of being down from the fighters to the spellcasters, but with the ease of healing spells in GURPS, that is more sensible since that often determines how far a party can go.

I'll have to remember this one next time they're in the dungeon.

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