Sunday, September 25, 2016

Game log 25 September 2016: The Kobolds Strike

Dramatis personae

Caleb, wizard
Mayhem, barbarian (unconscious all session)
Ash, knight
Kim, thief
Kôstē, cleric (NPC)

Quid occurrit

Mayhem passed out from his wounds. Ash bore him back to town, where Kôstē healed him, though he still slept. They also brought back the heads of the two ogres they killed. Lord Méldon smiled, which shone even from behind his scarf, gave the gang 750 copper farthings.

With the gang's normal tracker, Mayhem, sleeping off an ogre-sized headache, Ash went out to try to find more tracks, but couldn't. Afterwards, everyone went bed, hoping to be rested for the night watch.

Kim, Ash, and Kôstē took that night watch with Méžalia again, and two militiamen: Vallîvos, a man with a forked beard, and Ulšêr, an older man with hair that looked a little too brown for his age. Sure enough, there was a strike: a bunch of kobolds came by the north wall. The heroes were on the top of the wall, and the kobolds made themselves known with arrows. Only Kôstē was hurt, however, and Kim and Ash tried shooting the kobolds back, with nothing doing.

Everyone had to work fast. Kôstē yelled, "Kobolds!" Kim nocked another arrow, while Ash dropped his bow, pulled out his sword, and moved hastily along the top of the wall. Kôstē moved fast to grab Ash's bow so she could shoot it, but she slipped and fell off the narrow wall, falling 15 feet to the village.

The kobolds made their way to the village gate but a few yards away, and Kim took a shot at the biggest kobold, who blocked her arrow with his shield. Ash moved nearer to the gate, while Kim tried to follow, but she also slipped, though she caught herself as she fell. From below, Kôstē stood, and groaned, "Oh, Mulch."

The kobolds all moved together against the door, trying to break the beam that held it shut. Ash moved down the ladder into the village to get ready with the guards to meet the kobolds. Kôstē drank a Minor Healing potion and limped into town while Kim tried to get up to take another shot.

Right before the kobolds battered down the door, Caleb made his way to the gate. When Ash told him the kobolds were ramming the gate, Caleb cast a Blast Ball. The kobolds burst through, and Kim put an arrow into the back of a kobold, which did nothing to him.

The guards heroes traded blows with the kobolds, and Ash felled one. Caleb lobbed his Blast Ball, but threw it too far, so it only singed a few kobolds through their armor. Méžalia took down a kobold, while Caleb cast another Blast Ball, hoping to get the kobolds before they broke through the wall of men.

The kobolds and men traded blows. Kim let loose another arrow that stuck in the armor of a kobold, and Caleb got off his Blast Ball. This one wasn't his best either, but it burnt enough kobolds for them to break and run. He got off one more as the kobolds were fleeing, but it wasn't his best, and wasn't hot enough to take down another kobold.

Res aliae

We got started late since we had to find a new table. The gaming store was holding a card tournament of some kind, so we had to walk to the apartment of one of our players. I hadn't realized how much better shape I am in than my players, so a walk of a mile and a half was nothing for me, while for my players, it was grueling. My apartment was filled with kids and their lethal toys, and even that shorter walk was tough on them.

I keep forgetting to work Weirdness Magnet into a session. I'll tie a string around my finger next time.

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