Saturday, October 15, 2016

Game log 9 October 2016: Revenge of the Kobolds

Dramatis personae

Caleb, wizard
Mayhem, barbarian
Mayhem was still licking his wounds from the fight with the ogres
Kim, thief
Ash, squire
Kôštē, cleric (NPC)

Quid occurit

Early morning, 20 Smôs.

The heroes and guards found some wood and bolstered the North Gate with it. Then, everyone split up. Kim and Kôstē and three guards took the North Gate, Caleb and Ash took the South Gate with three more guards, while a third set of guards walked along the top of the wall. If the kobolds came back that night, they would be ready.

Kim was the one who spotted the kobolds as they came to the North Gate. There were more of them this time: around forty. Once she saw them, they did not try to hide themselves, and went to ram the gate again.

And from there we get a bloody battle of mindless slaughter. The roaming squad came fast, but those warding the South Gate could not get there fast enough to help. They took out four kobolds, but the kobolds took out three guards: short Watchwoman Ítōr, Vallîvos, a militiaman with a forked beard, and Īlápsos, a man in the militia with his whole arm tattooed. They had been a wall behind the gate once it burst open, and when the three of them fell, the kobolds could stream into the village.

Kim, Kôstē, and the three guards on the wall chased the kobolds into the village. In the middle of the village, outside the Dervish’s Arrow tavern, some of the kobolds ran into Caleb, Ash, and the three guards who were at the South Gate with them. Men, women, children, and sheep ran hither and thither.

Some kobolds settled on bothering one sheep who couldn’t outrun their clutches, and Ash took out the first kobold he saw, one of the bigger ones, before settling into a fight with the leader of the kobolds. Folks ran away from the fight, and many of the kobolds ran after them, or into homes to loot them.

Most of the fight was trading blows with the kobolds, of whom they took out seven before they ran. The kobolds took out only one more guard, Onbrátōr, a militiaman with tattooed forearms. Most noteworthy was that Caleb had trouble getting off a spell. The fighting was too spread out for Blast Ball, and once when he cast a Fireball, his hands fizzled while a kobold then lobbed a Fireball at one of the guards. At last, however, the kobolds guessed that they weren’t going to loot more, so they fled. Without the one sheep they were bothering; she had run long ago.

Res aliae

I’m leaving out the blow-by-blow. For starters, it’s boring. For another, my own notes are tough for me to figure out; I know the fourth guard fell early in the second fight, I just can’t find where a week later. Third, I tried keeping track of kobold mook HP as a mass, rolling HT every 8 HP they took to see if one went down. This wasn’t a great idea for the second fight when they were less of a mob. I should see if I can set them as a swarm, though I’m a little fuzzy as to how to do that. Yes, I have GURPS Zombies.

I gave out 8 CP for this session and the last few, but the kobolds looted the village. I need to make some rolls to find out just how many sheep they took or killed, and just how many villagers they hurt or killed. Plainly, they looted the food supply. There will be roleplaying repercussions of all that.

Needless to say, the players now plan on doing the old hex crawl tactic: make a Tracking check to follow the kobolds. Obviously, they made a tactical mistake by splitting up, and leaving their weaker fighters at the gate the kobolds just bashed open.

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