Sunday, July 16, 2017

Game log for 2 July 2017: Lots of bandits

Dramatis personae

Xorin, fox-man
Kim, thief
Mayhem, barbarian
Ash, squire
Caleb, wizard
Villûdē, guide (NPC)
Kôštē, cleric (NPC)

Quid occurrit

— a bunch of bandits. The leader, a man with Stahl ears, strode forward and said, “We’ll make this easy on ya boys: how much ya got?”

To answer, Xórin leapt out and screamed, which pissed off one of the bandits. Two of them took him out with two blows. After some more blows, Mayhem cut off the head of a bandit wearing an eyepatch. A bunch of them backed off after this. Caleb burned a few, and Mayhem got into a fight with the leader, Mayhem going berserk after taking a blow (albeit by his own choice). The bandits tried to drag away Xórin, but he was too heavy, and settled for taking his swords. Ash took down a bandit, and Mayhem killed the leader before passing out.

Res aliae

We got started late again. Strange as this sounds, the whole combat took 7 seconds of game time, but we gamed it out for about two hours. Since Xórin went down almost right away, Roman, who played him, handled the bandits, which led to them using more interesting tactics.

In game time, it was about 1 in the morning, with storm clouds looming. This meant that missile fire wasn’t too effective, since each shot would take a -5 penalty.

I rolled the dice to see what would come up, and found more bandits. I chatted with the players, and they didn't seem to mind, but we're going to have another encounter to give a little more variety, and not take the whole session. Also, there's little way this group of bandits would be able to make it back in time for revenge.

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