Saturday, November 24, 2018

Game logs for 14 October and 28 October 2018: Comings and goings, and lazy GMs

Dramatis personae

Mayhem, short barbarian
Caleb, wizard
Ash, squire
Kim, procurement expert
Xoran, fox man
Grymalkus, not quite as whiny as usual cleric
Attikos, holy warrior
Uruk, orc soldier

Quid occurrit

Alright, I’m feeling lazy. I have a game tomorrow, and a bibliography plan to write (as well as a website to design the next week, and reference observations to write up the week after that—it has been a busy semester). I’ll summarize the action for the two sessions, mostly so I have them online for my own benefit.

Uruk the orc soldier was thrown out of the guard at Fort Rénnutēs for fear that he'd join the oncoming orcs. So, he went to join the skeevy folks who showed up the night before and warned of the orc attack.

No sooner had he come out and Xoran had given him grief for being an orc did a squad of guards from Fort Rénnutēs (or, as Mayhem called it, Fort “Takeapiss”) come out to arrest Kim for the price on her head. After Xoran wouldn’t let them take her, Kôštē went in her stead, thinking they’ll need her healing for the upcoming battle.

They were about to go when Uruk spotted a big slug on the back of Caleb’s neck. Grymalkus did some surgery on it, taking it off as it had started to work its tendrils into Caleb’s blood supply.

That afternoon, they came upon a big sea cave. In it, they fought three big beetles. Mayhem took out one, Uruk pinned the second, while Xoran killed the third. They found evil runes in the opening of the cave, but there were too many to take out without more magical firepower.

The next day, they spent trudging slowly through the hills. After finding out that both Grymalkus and Attikos were out of food, Xoran and Mayhem had the gang spend the next two days looking for more. Caleb was sick with a fever for those two days, though Grymalkus cared for him, only to have Attikos get sick with the same fever after those two days were done.

In spite of Attikos being ill, they pushed on after two days. This time, they walked all day, with no breaks to look for food, though Mayhem had them change their path to keep away from a rockslide.

That night, they heard a screech from afar. Xoran barked to respond, and a big puma showed up. Once it saw the gang, the puma ran to strike. Uruk, Xoran, and Mayhem missed with their opening shots, and Caleb cast Sunlight to help everyone see. The puma leapt at Xoran and tried to put its claw in his face, but Xoran parried and crippled the puma’s claw as he did so. Then, Kim shot the puma from hiding, Xoran gave it two quick sword strikes back, and Mayhem ended its life by cutting off its head.

They went back to bed, and Attikos looked for a sign from Saundīvós, and looked into the sun to see an ogre with a big sword in the hills to the north. They went north, and not long after breaking camp, an arrow greeted them as they trod. “Get away you assholes!” shouted a young woman.

Xoran screamed back, “We’re here for the head of the ogre!” However, she ran away, and Uruk ran after her. He slammed her and pushed her to the ground, and the others caught up to them.

Mayhem recognized the woman as Dúštē, something of a loose woman from his tribe. After asking what she was doing so far to the north, she said, “We’ve gone to worship Lutōdîvē ourselves.” She explained that she and some other barbarians in the Dragon Claw Clan were tired of the harassment the tribe would give them for their free love ways, which she said were of the worship of the love goddess Lutōdîvē, that they left and moved almost to the mountains. They backed off her, and Dúštē told them where the ogres were.

The gang went along the way she had told them, and in late afternoon, they found an ogre. The ogre saw them and shouted “Eat eat eat!” as he ran towards Caleb, whose Explosive Fireball didn’t work. However, Uruk went behind the hungry ogre, and put two arrows in his vitals, ending his life.

Mayhem followed the ogre’s trail, but did not see more by nightfall, so they made camp. That evening, they spotted three ogres, who did not spot the camp. Uruk shot one, Xoran, Ash, and Mayhem took out a second, while the third one didn’t look back until Caleb cast Sunlight. Uruk shot him, and the ogre shouted, “Sun hit me!” Uruk went up to end the ogre’s life and kicked him in the face. The ogre groaned, “Sun kill me!” before passing out and the heroes killing him off.

Res aliae

Obviously, running the game is more interesting than writing the log, but I have to have a record for my own reference, and it's my way of advertising the game to anyone who might want to join.

And someone did. Brandon is the new guy, playing Uruk (pronounced “Erik”) the orc bowman soldier. He's a GURPS fan originally from North Carolina who is now in the frozen cold. It’s nice to have someone else who knows the system well in the game.

The ogres died by low Perception. They didn’t spot the camp, and, even after the gang had shot two, the third one didn’t hear anything noteworthy, as I was rolling Perception checks to see if he had and he failed them badly, and only knew something was up when the Sunlight spell went off behind him. I felt even an ogre wouldn’t be so dumb to not think something was up when the sun came up behind him at 10 at night.

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