Saturday, August 13, 2016

31 July 2016 game log

Dramatis Personae:

Kim, thief
Ash, squire
Caleb, wizard
Mayhem, barbarian


Yémos, cleric
Anêr, swashbuckler
Kôstē, cleric
Villûdē, guide

Quid occurrit:

Alright, mostly, we screwed around and leveled up. But back in character …

Back at the peat farm, after Ash found out there were no more arrows, they showed off their ibathene scale and told a wild tale of how they drove it away. The next morning, they all bought passage on a river barge, which took them home.

On the way, Villûdē told Mayhem and Ash that after the ibathene, she was ready for a new job. Mayhem said she could become a bard and tell tales about living through the a meeting with the ibathene.

Once in Mīstássun, they brought the boots of Saint Hubbins to the Church of Saundīvós, where the clergy were overjoyed to see their new relic. And so the next day, 7 Smôs, there was a holiday, mostly with eating a speeches, and the heroes got to stand up and get some claps.

However, the night of the 6th, Ash made sure to bathe at the Wet Hat bathhouse, and the others sold the fancy mail hauberk and two small chains. For this haul, they got over 126 gold pieces, out of which they paid Villûdē.

Then they all went to the Pantry to spend the night. However, there, Arrūnús, the owner, was mad at Caleb for spending the night a few weeks before and not paying up. With some talking and 50 farthings, they convinced Arrūnús that Caleb was with them in the swamp.

The heroes set out to train, but Yémos and Anêr had enough of wayfaring for a time. So they met Kôstē, a cleric of Rōripermónē, the goddess of farming, who went to Rēlaístis with them so Caleb could learn new spells from Magós. After a day's walk, wherein Kôstē got everyone sick from picking bad berries, they made it to Rēlaístis.

There, the gang went to the Wishing Well, while Caleb went to Magós, who was mad at Caleb for blowing up her lab. After some chatting wherein Caleb tried to convince Magós that he was in the swamp, Magós cast Truthsayer on Caleb, and found that Caleb was telling the truth. She taught him a few spells for a 20 silver pennies, and agreed to teach T'ssst.

After two days, they were ready to set out, but Caleb woke up with headaches, fevers, and red, itchy eyes. Kôstē took a look at him and said he had field fever, so the gang spent the day at the Wishing Well instead.

Ash and Kim went out to practice archery, but found the laws of the town forbade weapons to commoners within its walls. So they went out past the fields, and found a pyre with a burnt body on it. The two went back to town, and told the watch about the pyre. They led the watchmen to the body, which was so burnt that nobody could finger whose it was. It was wet from the rain of the night before, making this even tougher.

That night, the gang was passing time in the Wishing Well, when an older lady, who said her name was Sudîvē, asked the heroes to come to her garden and pull rocks for her for a farthing each. While not much money, they chose to do that, and Mayhem

The next day, they pulled the rocks, and Caleb's fever broke. Back at the Wishing Well, he heard that bandits had hit his hometown of Kerváron, so that became the gang's new heading.

Res aliae

I'll have to update my own versions of the character sheets with what they picked as their new skills and spells. I'm pretty sure Stroke of Lightning was the spell for which he went to Magós to learn, as it takes the Secret Spell perk.

Yémos and Anêr retired at my behest, to get the number of characters per player down. Eric hasn't been with us in a year, and if he comes back, they'll be ready for him, with loads of unspent points. They're a little worried about the lack of oomph, though Yémos was doing nothing other than healing. I built Kôstē mostly to heal, as best a cleric of agriculture can do on 125 points, though she has a few other quirks. Ash can always find a smart sword, if he's in the right spot. If I go by Book II, they should be 10% of all items …

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